Where do you get a One Touch?

I have been reading this web page and been looking for the best way to remove some unwanted hair permentally. It seems the One Touch is my best bet for the money. As for time to use it, I really dont care if I spend hundreds of hours on my results for life since I have to shave these same hairs almost every day anyways. Anyway… as for my question… I’ve seen a bunch of places on the Internet that sells the One Touch for 30-40 bucks. Is there any place I can drive to? I’ve checked Target and other pharmacys and such. Do I have to go to a salon… do they sell them at Walmart? Thanks for any help. Oh and by the way, I’ve always hated unwanted hair and I plan on making a web site about my progress with this because I feel people’s pain about having unwanted hair and having to shave almost every day just to be like everyone else.


"Is there any place I can drive to? "

As in not from the internet.

Call the nearest Sally Beauty Supply and major drugstore chains.

thanks! there is a sally place near me but they sell Clean+Easy Deluxe Home Electrolysis instead of the One Touch brand. Seems to be the same thing. I’m going to go pick it up tomorrow and give it a go. Anyone every use that brand?