Where can I buy the One Touch?

Does anyone know where I can get a One Touch Home Electrolysis In Ottawa Canada? I prefer not ordering it online.
Thanks in Advance!

is there a beauty supply store in canada? like sally hansen beauty supply store? if so, then go to the beaty supply stores in canada and see if you are lucky finding one.

why won’t you order online? it’s not that bad. i ordered it and got it fine. it’s safe and you get it fast.

I’ve seen some in Sears Catalogs for 49.99$ and the stylets are 29.99$

GirlHair, I don’t order online because I dont’ haev a credit card.
Belle22, I saw it in the Sears online catalogue 2 weeks ago. I just checked again last week, and it’s not on there anymore.

Hmm… I just checked the online catalogue again. It magically re-appeared. I guess they were out of stock before? Well, I just ordered one, I should be able to puick it up in 2-3 days.
Any advice for a newbie?