Where can I buy the One Touch?

I can’t afford to have my electrolysist do everything I want, so I’m going to attempt certain areas on my own with the one touch. Is there a place I could buy it locally instead of online? Specific store names would be helpful. I live in the U.S. by the way. :smile: Thanks!

By the way, the reason I want to buy it locally is because I don’t have a credit card. If there’s a way I could do it by mail (with a check) that would work as well. Thanks!

Many beauty supply chains and drugstores carry them. Call around first. You might also try department stores.

Folica lets you buy by check:


You may also be able to buy them from nohair.com with a check. Not sure, though.

Got mine at Long’s Drug recently. I checked Rite Aid and Walgreens but did not find it there.

I bought my first and 2nd one from walgreens in 2000

in 2001 I bought one online from walgreens.

in 2002 I went to the store to buy another one but couldn’t find it and then went to the same online webpage and they didn’t carry it anymore.

i got a feeling walgreens won’t carry them nomore

damn, i just bought one from there, was wanting to hold off for awhile… guess i’m addicted if that’s possible