Where Can I Buy Tee Tree Oil?

I was wondering where I can purchase Tee Tree Oil at a store (not online). Do they sell it at the local drug stores?


You might call your local Whole Foods, or call around to places that sell natural foods, essential oils, and herbal supplements.

Some upscale salons may have it, too.

Keep in mind that some find tea tree oil irritating, and those who are getting waxing need to be careful of combining waxing with tea tree oil. It contains retinoids which can cause the skin to be more susceptible to tears during waxing.

I’m getting electrolysis done on the nipple and the upper lip area. I wanted to use it to heal those better, as everyone here says it works well for that. I’ll look into the local Whole Foods and GNC. Thanks for your help.

As much as my girlfriend will chide me for plugging the evil empire, I am duty bound to tell you that Wal-Mart carries Tea Tree Oil in their Supplements and skin care sections. I belive the brand name is “Spring Valley” and you will find it by the Calimine lotions and/or the vitamins.

Hi lagirl.

Wal-Mart is the least expensive place I’ve seen tea tree oil. Cost: $4.97 in my locale. If you have a CVS in your area,they have a smaller bottle than Wal-Mart for $6.99.

Look for little brown bottles no matter what brand you try. I just love this stuff. I had a nasty bug bite that itched really bad and I dabbed a little bit on and massaged it in and basically it relieved the redness and itch “quick like a bunny”. It’s as if my skin healed overnight. One of my kids had a stuffy nose and I dabbed a little on her upper lip and she felt immediate relief. Kind of like using the Vick’s Vapor Rub vaseline goop for the same thing. You only need a little bit to do the job.


thanks for all the advice. no Walmarts in the immediate Los Angeles area. haha I think that’s about the only area like that. It’s about a 45 min drive. No CVS, but we have Rite Aid, Walgreens, and Sav-on as well as GNC, so I’m sure one of them has it. Thanks again.

I am pretty sure that I have seen Tea Tree Oil in Walgreens.

Dfahey is correct, the great thing about Melaleuca is that only a dab will do you for most things. The stuff lasts a long time.

Only ten drops in a bathtub is used for soaking the whole body.


Make sure you get the real thing. Get 100% and dilute it
somewhat by mixing it with some aloe and skin cream. The pure stuff is very strong. I make my own special mixture for applying for a few days after treatment and it does help.

I once got some small bottles on clearance for about a dollar each.


I purchased tee tree oil at my local healthfood store and it was the brown bottle too lol. I also got 99% pure aloe vera gel there and both of them work great. I have had about 8 hrs of electrolysis so far, and I really haated all the reddness and scabbing. But these products together both work very good!