Where can I buy a Onetouch system?

I am hoping someone can tell me where I might be able to buy the Onetouch system in the UK. :confused:
I would like one for little “touch up” jobs, but can’t seem to find them for sale over here.
Anyone seen them anywhere???
Thanks. :wink:

You could buy online at www.folica.com although I noticed their shipping rate to Canada was $34 US so I passed on that. I actually bought from GlobalDrugs.com and the shipping was very reasonable so you might want to check them out.
It’s a very primitive site but I got my One Touch really quickly and was very happy with it.


I bought mine at london drugs, here in canada. I emailed the company and asked them where I could buy replacement tips, and they told me I could order them from the Sears Cataloge (dont know if you have sears in the UK??)

Your best bet would be to email them and ask them where to get replacement tips, let them know where you live and they will tell you where you can get them, I figure if the store sells tips, then they should have the machine too right??

I was looking online at them and I figure its a rip off… my system only cost me $40, I just walked over and pulled it off the shelf… no postage, no nothing…

Thanks guys,
I think I will go for the Globaldrugs.com site - this seems to offer the best postage rate, and is slightly cheaper on the actual product too.
Thanks tons for your help! :wink: