When to do touch up?

I have a pretty neath deal with my laser practitioner (see “My experience with laser”) giving me the opportunity to have as many treatments as I want over 2 years. Now, She wants to separate the treatments with about 5-6 weeks, but I wonder if it wouldn´t be better to go in more frequent, especially after treatments where some hairs seem under-treated (and don´t fall of during shedding). Any recommendations?

That treatment schedule is not great. Treatments should be spaced 8-12 weeks apart for most people. This is because after you treat them, they will fall out within 3 weeks. Then it takes at least another 5-6 weeks for new hairs to develop and appear. You shouldn’t have much to treat 5 weeks after your treatment if everything goes well and there is good shedding.

Touchups should be done at that 3 week mark. Whatever didn’t shed by then and is growing as usual was missed.