when there too fine

So I have a post on here and most will know I’ve had electrolysis for a year now.
Fab around my nipples so happy I’d say complete I get some every couple of months but long and blonde no longer coloured :slight_smile:
I still get hairs on my chin but these are thin too they don’t keep me inside the house anymore.
Went for a session today and she zapped area’s that I just didn’t know had any I hadn’t seen any dark or long hairs in the area and I do check weekly or least twice a week actually on my 5x mirror to snip any or to know when to call and book.

She however found it hard to see the ones I did want done though and went when I pointed it out by holding one she zapped then ask me to look on mirror still there zapped again.

She did the same in another area I pointed out the hair on my mirror she zapped still there zapped again she was taking out hairs come home the one I wanted doing is still there.
I have no idea what she was removing as I didn’t see any other long or dark hairs in the area.

She says she see’s hundreds of hairs but they all look small and blonde non long non dark in the area’s I’m point to.
So what is she zapping?

Its got me to thinking well I have had an influx of very thin dark hairs that can be covered with make up really or snipped when they get long but I still want them gone.
When I started out the treatment I had some thick blonde ones done they did come back 2-3 months later thin and dark and some came back a 3rd time 2-3 months later, I had never plucked in the area so assuming same, 3rd time they were killed.

Could these thin dark ones be area’s she’s zapping by mistake blonde ones coming back thin and dark? I’ve just never had hairs in the area before and I’m finding although the thick ones are gone, I’m getting a larger amount of very thin ones in the area treated.

Sorry for long post hope makes sense.

What you can see and what the electrologist can see are two different things.
I do occasional work on an actual honest to goodness genetic female. I know eh? Who’s have thought it!She has long blond hairs under her chin, and a good mix of these short dark ones too. She doesnt see them, but I do under my loop.
5x actually isnt that strong, I notice if I use a weaker mirror than my 10X then I cant see alot of the hair also.It’s concerning though the electrologist cant see the hairs and you can.
Magnification makes a huge difference.


Yes I would hope she can see some that I can’t see but really I am only concerned about what I can see if she gets more great.
To me If I can’t see it no one else is going to, its the visible ones that I have only ever been worried about.

I would think If I can see them on a 5 x mirror no light that surely on her stronger mirror with bright light she should be able to, I am actually concerned that she is just zapping around area’s I am pointing to in order to keep me content.

It comes across that way If I have pointed it out a couple of times and she can’t see it, she will just zap in the area for good measure if you get what I mean.

“When they’re to fine”. I couldn’t let this one go… sorry.

Well, actually:

“When they’re too fine.” tee hee

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Does anyone have a real answer or suggestions to the post above.

I think it’s just the usual case of being able to see more hairs once the ones that really bother you are gone? When you’re treating these thick, terminal dark hairs you don’t see the light vellus hair. Now you do.

Emilily makes a good point. I tend to forget about what was there when I started and just focus on what is left.

emilily said what I was thinking.