When is an hour and “hour?”

I’m in contact with a patient that had a bad experience some time ago (well, actually my client now). The client went in for “multiple long treatments.” The electrologist started CHARGING the moment the patient entered the establishment.

The electrologist “kept the clock running” during the breaks, (both client AND electrologist breaks … even toilet breaks), and even for lunchtime. This is nonsense! I’m outraged, and therefore talking about this on Hairtell. I’m “venting!”

My (normal) maximum time for big cases is 5 hours per day. However, we may start at, say, 9:00 AM and finish up at about 5:00 PM (sometimes later). We take lots of breaks … lots of snacks (walks at the beach or harbor), but I do NOT charge for these periods.

I only charge when I’m actually removing hairs … you know, when the needle holder is in my hand and I’m killing those little “bastards.”

I have a unique timer with a BIG switch on it. When we take a break, the OFF position is switched, and the client is not paying for useless time. Besides, my “hours” are usually around 70 minutes … extra time, always. (A typical 5-hour day usually ends up being 6 hours of real hair removal … I don’t charge for the extra time.)

I think the Dectro units have a “in treatment” timer on them. This is a very good idea, because you should ONLY be paying for time when the electrologist is WORKING!

Some technicians seem to think that being in their “holy presence” is worthy of charging a fee … I don’t. I’m just a “worker bee!”

Remember, would be clients, NOBODY is “all that!”