When I will see "huge" or "great" improvement?

Hello everyone!

A bit of background. I’m a 26 years old woman and I started treating my facial hair this year, in January . I started having sessions every 3 weeks and now , from this week, I’ll have every two weeks . So far I’ve done 6 sessions.

I’ve read so many testimonies , in fact, I spent like 2 months reading every day reviews about electrolysis , pros and cons . I know every person situation is quite different, but what would be the average sessions to see a difference on hair growth ? Cause honestly I am not seeing anything at all lol

Can you give us more information? What area is being treated, and do you have a “before” photo of that area from 18 weeks ago?

It’s unusual to have huge or great improvement, as it is a gradual process. Once you get to where you can clear the area in one session, you will probably feel as if you are seeing improvement.

Again, To have an idea of expectations the following questions need answering.
what modality are you using? Thermolysis Blend or Galvanic multi?
Knowing this, it allows those that specialise in your method of choice how to answer your concerns.
Next, Area to be covered and density - more information required here. photo?
Finally how long are your sessions? A person may need an hour and do 10 minutes, hence, my point.
As Andrea suggested, a before photo would assist greatly, even a current photo will give an idea of the issue at hand.



The first four to six months is the hardest and you will / should see a little bit of difference. If you put the time in, as determined by the hair amount and structure, if it is untouched by temporary methods, you will say, “hummmmm, I think this is working.” by 6-9 months. At month twelve, you should be well on your way to the end, but you are not finished yet. This assumes that you are doing all the hard work up front and putting in the time.

For lots of fine hair, it can take up to 40-60 hours to get the face looking good. You are only at six hours. If you have coarse hairs, concentrated on your chin and neck, it might be a little less.

I don’t like to fiddle around with 15, 30, 45 appointments for facial hair. I go at it for longer until all the bad boy hairs are removed and then wait another 4-6 weeks for the next group of hairs to appear.

With that said, if you are attacking fine hair, which can be from a few hundred to a thousands, you got to put the time and six hours total is a drop in the bucket for PERMANENT HAIR REMOVAL. Same principle for medium and coarse hairs.

Yes, a picture would help and I hope I was helpful in any way.

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Electrolysis requires a series of treatments spaced out over a 12-18 month time-frame. You might not see results this soon. Most clients start to see results after 6 months, sometimes sooner. Is your electrologist clearing away all of the hair on each visit?