When does it fall out???


I had my first treatment last Tuesday. I had my back, shoulders, and upper arms treated. From my consultations and researching various sites (including this one), I was expecting the hair to be falling out after the treatment. It has been 6 full days and it doesn’t seem to be falling out at all. It looks as though the hair is just growing as normal. If I pull at a hair, it doesn’t release. It seems as though it is still “rooted” or something. Will it be falling out??? I can’t imagine those few hairs that exploded from their follicles during the first session are the only ones that would be removed. I was treated with the LightSheer diode, with compression, ranging between 21-24 joules, depending on the area. I did feel the burning as she went over the areas, so I am sure I was treated correctly. Any advice???

Thanks so much.

Hi there,

I’ve had 3 laser sessions done on my arms, and have noticed this also.

As a matter of fact, my 3rd session was over a week ago, on the 2nd.

Here’s what I’ve observed, after each laser session:

  1. Some hairs are missed completely, and continue to grow. Even with slow, careful pulses, it’s impossible to get them all. My laser technician only zaps about half the surface area, to avoid overlapping (which causes burns). This can be annoying, because it basically doubles the number of treatments you need. I don’t know how to tell the technician nicely that they missed so many spots.

  2. Some hairs are treated, but don’t respond for some reason, and continue to grow.

  3. Some hairs are expelled by the skin, and although they appear to grow, after a week or more they “stop”. Your mind might play tricks on you, but if you wait a while and give these hairs a gentle tug… they will come right out. Don’t tug too hard… if the hair resists, or gives you pain when you tug it, it’s not a dead hair.

  4. Some hairs will soon/later enter the growing phase. These new hairs could have never been treated, but should be in full production by your next session.

So… Although it’s been a week, my arms still have some hairs on them. Some are growing, some are dead and will eventually fall out. It’s a bad idea to tug them (but I do anyway) because if you get a live one… it won’t be treated in your next session.

Although I recently started my legs, and have become a little worried about the recent burns I received, my arms respond nicely. Unfortunately laser results take lots of time, so as long as you’re not burned (!), just keep going back every 2-3 months or whenever they tell you.

Hope this helps?

HairyLAboy, do you have dark skin? I have dark skin but my tad fades after staying out of the sun for three months. I am usually treated with 40-45 Joules with no major side effects. 20-24 seems low unless you have dark skin. I do not use an anestheitc. One time I had a substitute technician and I was treated with 28 Joules and I could hardly feel it and not much hair was removed during that session. In my next session I had my regular technician back and told her I didn’t feel much last time and that not much hair was removed. I wound up with a free treatment at a higher fluence level 40 Joules. The session after that I had my chest treated at 45 Joules and I could really feel that. It was bearable though and very effective! My technician told me that most guys cannot tolerate 45 joules on their chest hair and that I must have a higher pain tolerance.

IMHO, if you can’t really feel the laser deep in the hair follicles it will be less effective. Take as high of a fluence level as you can tolerate. I think when some providers talk about laser they understate the pain. It is tolerable and only momentary, but there is some pain and it is worth it.

Tell your technician that not much hair was removed last time and chances are they will turn the fluence level up.