When do you know that laser is not working for you

Hi guys,

I’m about to start laser on my legs and wanted to know something…

I’ve read that laser might not be working for a small percentage of people. But when do these people find out? Is it after a patch test (if the hair doesnt fall out) or after like 20 sessions?

In short term, if you’re not seeing good shedding 2-3 weeks after each treatment, then it’s a sign that you’re being under treated. But if you don’t start seeing significant reduction after 4 treatments, then you can tell that laser isn’t working on you (again sign of improper settings.) Laser on legs doesn’t require 20 treatments. 6-8 treatments max!!

No body hair should take more than 8 laser treatments. If you have hair left after 8 treatments then it’s the best reduction you could have achieved with laser assuming all of your treatments were aggressive as possible.

I stand behind what fenix wrote above 100%.
I would also like to add that treatments on body need to be spaced 6-8 weeks apart to achieve the best results in 6-8 treatments.
When the hair sheds after 2 -3 weeks, it must be evenly shed, rather than bold patch here and there and tufts of hair in between. That would indicate incorrect spacing of the shots.

Good luck!