When do I give up?

I understand that laser removal is for reduction and not complete “removal”, but I am nearing my 4th treatment with only about 25% reduction.
My first visit the tech said that I was a great candidate - fair skin, dark hair and that we should be able to finish everything in 5-6 treatments.
My underarms are good - I’m very happy with them (almost 100% reduction), but my high cut bikini line is very disappointing. I don’t really see a difference.
After the first treatment I thought it was amazing - tons of shedding after 3 weeks - it looked great.
But there was so much regrowth after the 2nd and third treatments. I’m so confused :confused:

They are using a LightSheer diode and the last time I went it was set at 22. Is that high enough for a 3rd treatment and what should it be set at by the 4th and 5th visit?
My 4th treatment is scheduled for Tuesday.

At what point to I give up and accept that the laser just might not work for me?
Thanks in advance!

  1. How are the treatments spaced apart?

  2. Do you experience complete shedding after each treatment? If you experience regrowth after complete shedding, you shouldn’t worry too much. That is the hair from the next cycle.

  3. 22 Fluence? You should call up the clinic and ask for fluence, pulse width and spot size.

  4. How long has it been since you had treatments on underarms?

  5. How dark and coarse is the hair on the bikini area?

  6. What’s your Fitzpatrick skin type?


  1. My treatments are spaced 4 weeks apart.

  2. The only time I had noticeable shedding was after the first treatment. Since then, the hair seems to grow back after the treatment as though it’s been shaved - slower than before, but still a lot growing back and not falling out.

  3. The setting on the laser machine said 22.
    The first treatment was 19, the second treatment was 21. The last time was 22. I will ask the tech the questions re: fluence pulse and width tomorrow.

  4. I get my underarms done during the same appt as the bikini. Every 4 weeks. There is VERY sporadic hair growth on the underarms. Just odd how the underarms have responded so much better than the bikini area - which is really what I wanted gone :mad:

  5. The bikini line hair is dark and course.

  6. Looks like I fall under skin type III

You should go through laser FAQs posted by LAgirl.

It is best to treat underarms and the bikini area every 8-10 weeks. 4 weeks is too soon. At 4 weeks, you should hardly have any regrowth.

I can’t recommend exact settings as I’m not an expert but I can tell you your settings definitely seem to be on the lower side for someone who is “under skin type III”

LightSheer is a difficult machine to use. It requires compression and so you need an experienced technician who knows how to make the best use of it.