what's up with "epila laser"?

There was several posts not on this forum but on others about epila laser hair removal. One guy said that it cost 299$ because you can only treat one hair at the time. If laser beam was made bigger let’s say 2x) the price would go up. He said he used this machine but it only burns black hair. He got rid of 60% of his beard already in 3 moths using this device. Other person that just bought this machine said that it definetly has power because when he pointed laser on hair it burned it and he could smell burning hair.
description od this device:
Operating Voltage: 110/220V 60Hz
!!!Wavelength: 808nm!!!
Size: 280 X 175 X 65 mm
Material: ABS & etc.
Power Supply: DC 12V 1200mA Adopter

808nm wavelength being used worldwide for hair removal has been proved to be an average of 80% effective for permanent hair removal by world leading research institutes and Universities. Even if the laser is not emitted directly on hair, it also has a hair removal effect by emitting onto the root of hair through the skin because 808nm wavelength penetrates deep into the root of hair.
it also says that during studies all patients that used epila laser had temporary hair loss, 89% had long term results.
I know what u will say that it is propably another scam like these laser form global electrolysis but the difference is this. I never ever have read a good post about global lasers. Second thing for that laser to be “effective” U had to wax the area first. wax???
So What i am trying to say is that epila looks and works like a real laser where u have to shave the area point the laser onto the hair and burn the hair then wait for hair to shed. Ive been hearing some good posts about.
I just want to get rid of some hair like around my nipples and genital areas, feet where my hair is dark and coarse. I think this device could be a winner. What do u think guys?
sorry for long post:)

hey, I just purchased a Epila off E-Bay…It should be here soon…I have heard mixed reviews on this product, …it was inexpensive, so I figured I would give it a try…I will let you know how it works…Jen :confused:

I think before you point that thing at your nipple area and genitals and pull the trigger, that you should seek more professional advice so you are absolutely sure of what you’re doing.
In other words don’t experiment on yourself in case of adverse aftereffects. Not discouraging you, just a word of advice that you know precisely where you are going. Good luck.