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After a test consulation in the middle of December, I have 3 or 4 “spots” in the treated area. They are not bright red and not very large but they haven’t really cleared up lately, although it does not look like I just got treated 5 minutes ago. My skin after the test treatment really only developed one whitehead looking spot and never really scabbed. But I am wondering if this is hyperpigmentation, if I was overtreated, or what. I have light skin, somewhat sensitive, the treated area was shoulder and upper chest area, and I am 21. I went to my physician over the Christmas holidays because my back had been broken out forever. He said I had a skin infection called cystic acne which I am now on antibiotics for. I was wondering if what is still there now from the test treatment is a result of too high of settings or more from the cystic acne. Also, is it safe to treat sensitive skin with electrolysis or does it just mean the process will take longer so as to let the skin heal completely before the next treatment. Whenever I had the test consultation, she didn’t treat a whole lot of hairs that were close together. She spread it out over the area that I would like to see cleared. James, Fino, Andrea, any help would be greatly appreciated. If you need any more information from me to answer the question, I will be glad to assist. Thank you.

You really have not described what it looks like for us to comment. From what I read, it could be acne, normal pigment difference, or maybe something to do with the electrology, but we have to know what it looks like to even try to guess.

Sorry, I thought I described it enough but maybe I did not.
Either way, it is a few small spots that are in contrast to the rest of my skin. They are not acne I am assured because they are not pimple-like, nor are they blemishes. You can basically tell where the insertion was, as they are small and scattered. They are not dark red but as I said they are in contrast to my skin. As I mentioned in the previous post, I am currently undergoing antibiotic treatment (in the form of pills) to clear my body of cystic acne on my back and it is also on the shoulders, although nothing like my back is/was.
I have somewhat sensitive skin, unfortunately it is moreso in the areas that I would like to see treated than others. I read another post of yours (James) where you said that gold probe needles are good for those of us with sensitive skin. Would you recommend me asking my electrologist if she uses these? Also, what accomodations can be made for sensitive skin or is it largely dependent upon the individual? Do any of the various modalities of electrology affect sensitive skin in any way and can one method be used over another in favor of sensitive skin?
My physician recommended me having electrologist done - being that it is permanent and much safer for skin than permanent methods like shaving, waxing, etc - but wanted me to clear up the acne before I began. To me that sounded reasonable as I would not want to complicate things for my gentle skin =).
I still am worried however about the spots I tried to describe above. It has been probably six weeks since I had my consulation. Although the area has cleared up rather dramatically from what is was before (mind you, it never really was bad in the time after treatment), these “spots” have not necessarily gone away. Now it looks a little bit more like a difference in pigmentation from where the insertion was as opposed to the surrounding skin where there wasn’t any insertion. However, it would be comforting to see them go away and know how to combat this in the future so as to make my electrology more effective and comfortable to my skin. Right now I am just applying 100% aloe vera gel at night after a shower but would you suggest I wait and see what the area does or pick up a bottle of tea tree oil and take it from there?
Sorry for all of the questions, I am just trying to understand electrology more as it relates to me. After all, this is what the forum is for! And thank you for such a quick response. Again, if I need to describe the condition anymore just let me know and I will try again. I have a digital camera so I could take a picture if need be.

i am experiencing the same kind of problem as you. i had electrolysis (blend) on my cheeks one month ago and still have those red spots as you described them. they are not zits, no scabds, no scars just red dots that come in contrast with the surrounding skin. my electrologist said they would fade, but when? and how can i contunue treatment on these red spots? i dont know if it happens to everybody or that it has anything to do with the method used, intensity settings or skill of electrologist.

Ok, two of the spots have formed into tiny brown spots that resemble freckles. I think someone else said something about this in another post and said this is hyperpigmentation. If so, is this anything to worry about? Will it go away? How can I treat this for now? And what can I do to prevent this in the future?
James you said it might just be “normal pigment difference.” Does the pigment of one’s skin sometimes change during electrology or did you mean a “normal pigment difference” normal to my body? Or you said it could be something with the electrology-too high of settings?
I have been cleaning the area with hydrogen peroxide, after washing it with anti-bacterial soap in the shower, and then applying aloe vera gel. The area definitely has started to look better, I am just worried about the freckled spots and wanting to know if this is a big deal. As always, any help would be beyond useful.

Based on what you have said, this is just a temporary pigment change. You need only make sure that you keep the treatment area clean and dry after treatment, and you will heal quicker if you use the Tea Tree Oil overnight, and Aloe during the day. If you itch, use Aloe-Cortisone, and for any pigmentation find an Aloe-Hydroquinone treatment, and stay out of the sun. Sun exposure post treatment will cause freckling.

Your skin will be better than pre-treatment condition, because it will be hair free, care free, and softer and brighter than before.

James thank you very much for your response. Like I said, its only two small appearances that look like tiny freckles I just wasn’t sure if this was anything to be afraid of. I am not in the middle of treatment right now, that was just a result of a test treatment at a consultation. I have been cleaning it with hydrogen peroxide after a shower, and then applying aloe vera gel. The only reason I was wondering was because the area stayed that way for a few weeks after such a small treatment, about 5 minutes or so. Maybe I did something wrong in post-treatment care or maybe the settings were too high? I don’t know, I am only a beginner. But then it cleared up, formed the freckle looking spots I described and it is definitely getting better.
You seem to recommend this tea trea oil stuff a lot and I read a bit about it on the web. I should head down to my local pharmacy and pick me up some. It doesn’t itch and I stay out of the sun as it is. I’m too conscious of hair to expose that areas to the sun, even when nobody is looking! Thanks for your help though.