What's the point?

I dunno really.im 20 and at this stage i figure its only gonna get worse from here on out.i looked into inhibitors but they’re a scam so didn’t bother,can’t afford professional treatment and im now looking at the epila lasers on ebay and chances are they’re a scam despite the testimony on the feedback pages.
i told my mother and she thinks im being silly and can’t tell my dad because well im a guy and we shouldn’t think like this.i don’t know where i got this from,my dads family is practically hairless and while my mams dad and brother were hairy enough they’re not like me.at this stage everytime i look at my body i feel disgusted.it’s the only thing that really gets me down and i’m just afraid that its gonna effect other areas of my life too.i look at and compare myself to friends and even strangers to see how they look to me in the hair department and become unbelievably jealous and the thoughts of what my girlfriend might think just makes me feel like having a panic attack.i’m sure there other people out there like me and if you’re here i’d like to know how you deal/dealt with it.it sounds like a sob story but i am at the end of my rope.

Actually, most people find their body hair growth levels out in thei mid-20’s. Rather than wait, though, I recommend getting a professional wax once and see what you think. It’s really important to use an astringent before and after waxing, and you will need to exfoliate each time you shower, and follow with a moisturizer to avoid itchy ingrowns. If you like the look and feel, it’s a good relatively inexpensive option until you are making more money.

Don’t let it get you down, and don’t worry about others say. If you want to do it, you should.

Hey there! I too had those same feelings at your age. I am now 34 and still look in the mirror and sigh. I swam in college and had to get in a swimsuit feeling like gorilla boy in front of crowds. Not good. It will be ok and life goes on just fine and dandy. What I use to do was trim areas with a dog clippers so they were short/close to skin. A dog clippers…now that IS funny. Excess hair is just your imperfection. Everyone has imperfections. And every person feels like the world is staring at that imperfection all the time. People do not care about your imperfection as much as you do. They say “Oh, look at that hairy guy…wow…” and that is about it. My advice is to wait until you can financially afford proper tx, if laser so be it, and until then try not to spend hours and hours worrying about it, just trim it to make yourself feel somewhat better when you look in the mirror. I know there’s waxing/shaving etc but for me it was just too much emotional work when I knew it would just grow. Your parents love you and they act like you’re just being silly because they can’t help you, did you ever have a bad pimple in junior high and your mom said…“Oh its hardly noticeable”…same thing here but with hair. As far as ladies go, there are many women who think a man should be hairy. The magazines won’t say that but it is true. Once again the issue may be bigger to you than it is to her. Your confidence, or lack there of, is the potential problem. Get tough with yourself, don’t let the hair rule you, take charge and rule the hair! It will most likely be a part of you that you will dislike, until laser or electrolysis is done, but it is just one small part. Let all your other great parts shine through. You’re not alone. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/cool.gif" alt="" />

Hi Grumpy!

You mentioned some very good points that one shouldn’t let hair “rule” your life in your post and letting your qualities shine but I don’t think that one has to accept all that body hair if you don’t like it. You’re right that some women prefer a hairy chest and that the media hypes the smooth chest look but I would hope women wouldn’t just be attracted to somebody based on the amount or lack of hair that a man has! Personally, I prefer the smooth look for its comfort and feel and I’m a man–it feels so much better in the summer not to have a hairy chest and legs–hopefully, women can understand that not all men want to walk around wearing a fur coat!

You mentioned that you were using dog clippers which really cracked me up! Seriously though, how do they compare to an electric or manual razor??? I would assume that they are able to withstand the abuse of body shaving better than most electric razors which are really just designed for shaving beards. BTW, did you use clippers for “short” or “long” haired dogs and which brand would you recommend?



I agree with you. I think most men would enjoy being hairless rather than fur coat. We play the hand were dealt until our situations change, $ for laser etc.
Now don’t you start rippin on those dog clippers…I think I still have them somewhere. They are just like a trimmer a barber would use. Very effective but dangerous if at the lowest setting and at the wrong angle <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/shocked.gif" alt="" />

Hi Grumpy

I agree - any tool that works makes sense to me, who cares if it’s clippers or a barber razor. We should all be gratefull that something works.

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