What's the best way to remove facial hair?

:frowning: I have no idea what to use to get rid of my facial hair. I’ve read about all types of products that sound great and then I’d end up hearing horrible things about them that scared me! Does anyone know what works best on extra sensitive facial skin? I’m looking for something that’s inexpensive and lasts at least a few days.

Hi Ashley–

For a few clear days, you might try a cream depilatory made specifically for the face. Others will be too harsh.

If you want it lasting longer, I’d try plucking or maybe waxing if there’s too much to pluck.

Why not find a good electrologist and be rid of the hair forever with treatments spread out over a short 9 month period of time?

I had a young girl with very sensitive skin, and we were able to make her visibly bare in two sessions of 30 mins each, and after 6 weeks of total treatments, she was at the point where I will only see her 2 or 3 times the rest of the year.

She looked like she was finished from the second appointment on.

I agree with James. I’ve had electrolysis on my face, chin and neck and would totally recommend that you go for it, even given the cost. It’s been a fantastic thing for me.