What's the best choice???

I recently had two separate consultations for laser hair removal. I have type 2 or 3 skin. One was for an Nd Yag laser. They said I would have to come in approx. every 4 weeks for a total of about 5 sessions to get my bikini and underarm areas done. They claimed that getting the sessions done every 4 weeks was optimal for lasering the largest percentage of hairs at a time (because of the hair growth cycle). The next consult I had was for a LightSheer Diode laser and they claimed that 10 -13 week apart sessions maximized the number of hairs lasered at each session. Which one is correct? Can anyone out there help me with this? Also, a couple more questions…Is an Nd Yag laser just as effective (or too deep)as the LightSheer Diode for a person with my skin type? Also, both places have similar pricing (about $1300 total) but the LightSheer Diode place claims a one-year guarantee (after all paid sessions are done) to come back for free touch-ups. The Nd Yag place says I won’t need any touch-ups and they usually refer you to an electrologist for the few hairs left over after the final treatment. Which one is the better choice? Help!!! Thank you :slight_smile: :smile:

The people with Nd-Yag are mostly right. Even so there are a number of lasers which are suitable for your skin; Nd-Yag is a good choice (but a bit painful) assuming it is from one of the leading manufacturers. 4 weeks is a good period in between first few procedures, but later it should go up to 6 or even 8 weeks, since your hair growth slows drastically.

It sounds like I have the same skin type as you and I am happy with my current treatments with ndYag.

I have had chin, upper lip, underarms, and abdomen done and started in April. Things are looking pretty bare right now, it’s great!
I’ve had 4 treatments on underarms and abdomen, 3 on chin and upper lip.

I have gone every 6 weeks. The clinic said to schedule between 4 to 6 weeks.

I will probably visit an electrologist, if necessary, after all treatments are done.

Good luck and let us know what you decide! :smile: