Whats Normal Regrowth Time/Blond Bdy Hairs


Hey I was just wandering how long does a waxing last for most of u. I ask becase i just waxed the 19th of last month. I was hairless for about 1.5 to 2 weeks is that normal time for regrowth. Becase some people say they get waxed like every 6 to 8 weeks. Does that mean u stayed totaly hairless for 6 to 8 and then it started to grow back in or it just took that long for it to grow long enuf to get waxed agin you were only realy hairless for the first 1.5 to 2 weeks like me. Just trying to find out if my hair just grows real fast or if thats normal time. Also for a guy i have light and thin (from waxing and epilators) brown body hair and alot of little blond body hairs. When ever i wax i get all the dark hairs out no problem but the little blonde ones arent so easy just couldent get them all out or it seamed like most of them just broke at the serface anyone know what to do about the little blond hairs. i just shaved them off becase i didnt know what to do. But thats the whole thing if i waxed i dont want to have to shave anything even if it is just little blond hairs you know what i mean. Any one got any suggestions on what i should or shouldent do? Thanx



Your experiences sound about the same as mine… really smooth for a couple of weeks, then it starts being noticeable (to me anyway)… still look smooth enough after 4 or 6 weeks, looking in a mirror, by that time the hairs are about 4-6mm long… 6-8 weeks is about right, you need a decent length to get waxed again… about 3/8" or 10mm seems to work… my threshold for looking hair is usually about that much, then I have to have it done again…

You sound perfectly normal as far as growth rates go…




My regrowth rate seems to be high then. After one week I can feel the hairs trying to push through the skin so I exfoliate really well with friction mitts. Then the hairs are a little softer after that but definitely poking through and by the time two weeks comes I am waxing again…this in on my legs, and pitts.

Other areas such as bikini area take longer to come back…but now I’m electrolysis on the bikini area for permanence. :grin:


I can do my arms aver 4 weeks, but to keep smooth legs, I need to go every three weeks with a shave or three in between. Depends on if I have a date or not!