What's everyone's favourite depilitory/ies?


The only one i know i like so far has been Neet’s Sensitive. But ya know what? I just found out it’s discontinued. Figures. But i know where to find it, and i plan on buying it out. What’s your favourites and for where. I’ll use this on my arms and legs. Maybe face someday if i’m feeling crzy.

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There’s an Andrea range of depilatory creams that you can find in chemists. They have a facial hair remover that would also be good on other areas of the body (such as arms and possibly legs) if you have sensitive skin. I haven’t had any problems using it on my arms or face and would recommend it. Just follow the instructions and there shouldn’t be any problems :smile: I’d also suggest using some kind of growth inhibitor afterward to slow the speed of regrowth.


Yes, the Andrea Line is good (especially the name!), but it can be a bit hard to find in the US. Sally Hansen is good, too, with several strengths. It’s usually easy to find at the store.


in the US, Neet is being sold as Veet (i think- b/c on the bottle it says "Neet European formula). the stuff i use is a mousse and squirts out of the can like shaving cream, which is good cause i use it on my arms and i don’t have to spread it. it works well but the hair grows back so fast! i also have some stuff called Immac that i got in the UK which is good. not sure if they sell it here in the US.


The Veet mousse is just being rolled out here-- not everyone can find it yet.


Good to know Betsey, thanks! I hope they make the cream, i really like that Neet texture and lack of smell. I will def. try the mousse, looks like it would cover a lot of area. Thanks.


hey, I can’t find that Veet stuff yet. Maybe they don’t have it hear yet, becuase I’ve checked Fred Meyers, QFC, and Walgreens! What store is it sold at? Has anyone else from OR been able to find it? I’m very glad to hear that it works though!! Thanks so much!