What would you do?

I had an appointment for a Brazilian this morning. I got there, and this woman took me in a room. And Started waxing. She’s frowning and tilting her head, and saying. The hair’s too short to get it all.

So then, she tries to do the area near my legs, and says the hair is too long, and she couldn’t get it off. She did the same spot like 6 times!!! And still didn’t get it off. Then she messed up the front. It’s crooked.

She puts some aloe on and says, ok, I’ll step out while you get dressed… And runs… She NEVER did the backside!!!

I get dressed go to the front and they charged me $50 for it. I grab a brochure, cuz it’s a full service salon. And after I get home, I see that a Brazilian is $50 and a bikini is $25…

So I call and tell them they over charged me, cuz she didn’t do the whole thing. The chic calls me back and says, there must be some misunderstanding. I gave you a Brazilian. And I said," All you did was the front" And she says she didn’t know I wanted the back done. She does that for some customers, but only if they ask.

I said,“But that’s what a Brazilian is right?” And she says NO. Only a small strip is left in the front, but doesn’t include the back. So I ask, ofcourse… "What’s the dif between a bikini and a Brazilian…

The bikini is only to the panty line. A Brazilian goes in farther leaving a strip. You can come back w/i a week, and I’ll do the back if you want.

WHAT? Then I get off the phone w/ her, and called back to speak to the manager… She says that the waxing chic is correct. And All hair removal is called a SPHINX!! What the HECK’S A SPHINX!!! And repeats they’ll do what I want if I come in w/i a week… I’m thinking, I want $25 BACK!!!

I told them I’d think about it.

Then out of curiousity I called a different spa. And asked them what a Brazilian was… They said, Everything removed front and back!!! DUH! And I told them the story and asked them what a Sphinx was, and they had NO IDEA!!!

Geesh!!! I’m really angry, and to top it off, she did a horrible job, and I can’t wear a suit unless I pluck out all the remaining hair!!!

I just don’t know what to do. Should I go back and have them finish? Or just call it a loss, and go somewhere else?

I hate to say it, but given all you said, you may be better off just writing the place off (and maybe contact the BBB?) and try again somewhere else.

I mean, if you go there again and get similar treatment, how surprised can you be?

oh, my, God…

I would report them to the BBB AND go to a different place. i just can’t imagine how horrible that must be for you…

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