What will this cost?

I am a 30 y/o male with thick,stick-strait hair covering my arms,legs,chest,abs,butt/groin, as well as sparse hair on my back and shoulders (sorry, I don’t have A pic to demonstrate). I am interested in having my full-body cleared with electrolysis (or at least 90-95%). How much might this cost me (ballpark figure), and what is the possibility I might be able to negotiate a set package price for total clearing of full body? I will be moving to San Bernardino, CA. in a few months If anyone can recommend a good practitioner in that area whom might be willing to consider this, please let me know. Thanks people.

The closest electrologist that I have used to the San Bernardino would be in Fullerton. I have had most of my body hair remove; but I can’t tell you the total cost since I spread over a period of a few years and never kept track of the expenditure.To get a better rate I used to block out a 4 hour period often;especially when i was having the pubic and underarm hair remove because it didn’t seem as painful in those areas. I found that the chest hair removal bothered me the most If you want this one also has a daughter that can work on you at the same time. If you have the money this speed things up. As I recall with both working at the same time, I was able to get my underarms clearedin a very short time and none of the hairs have come back.The main thing is to get started so you can enjoy the results

Thanks for the tip Barrester.
I have had an almost full body (full arms/hands,chest,abs,back,shoulders,full arms) treatment with laser (aurora), but have experienced 100% regrowth. I have decided that this is a complete waste of money and have decided to pursue electro instead, as it is billed as being the only truly permanent method. How many times did you have to have each area cleared before regrowth ended completely?

Three full clearances is what would bring permanent removal under perfect conditions.

Most people can not put together the perfect amount of early treatment to make that fastest treatment schedule leading to full permanence in just 9 months.

You should however get to looking finished in 3 months or less and be done in 9 to 18 months. If you are going regularly at all, you should be done in no more than 24 months.

Smooth vs Hairy: I never notived any regrowth in any area. There probably was;but I never had a area that was completly cleared in a single session so by the time the whole area was cleared there might have been hairs that returned from an earlier session that were removed again at a later session. I would allow the operator to move from area to another each session. As an example the operator might spend a half hour on one underarm and the next half hour on the other underarm or in the pubic area. All I know is that one day the hair was all gone and nothing returned.Because of the amount of hair in those areas it is hard to see much improvement untill there are not enough hairs left surrounding the hairs that have been removed to cover any bald spot.I am glad that mens underarm removal is becoming more mainstream. Once tried no one wants to go back

Thanks for your input guys. I really appreciate your response. But James (or any CPE), can you give me just an abstract idea (guess) of what it might cost me for full body (full arms/hands,back,shoulders,chest,abs,full legs,butt/bikini) clearance? $10,000? $20,000? More? It’s really kind of important to me to have a reference point to aim towards, as opposed to just a seemingly neverending regiment of spending unknown amounts of money. Thanks again.

I go to the electrologist 2 hours a week at $65 an hour, so a year costs me about $6000 considering holidays. I see it will take me the full 2 years to clear my back and upper arms and my hair grows in areas (not completely covering). So you can use that info as a starting point.

Thanks Snaffle, I appreciate the info. Piece by piece I am getting closer to getting all the info I am looking for, Thanks to folks like you and Barrester who are willing to share your experiences. And of course CPE’s like James and Fino, who offer thier valuable expertise, And Andrea, for bringing this all together. I’m really glad I found this site.

Although no one can give you a good estimate of what it would cost YOU to clear out all the hair you want removed on YOUR body without seeing you, you do have the guidline that says “Number of hairs to be removed divided by the number of hairs your practitioner can remove per hour multiplied by three.” to give an idea of the worst case situation.

You should also know that many electrologists will give you a break on the price with pre-payments for either treatment blocks, or even a package that covers your whole body. I can’t imagine anyone offering a full body package for less than $20,000 however, because of all the hairs and different challenges associated with working certain areas that are not present when working others. I do know that if you can get a treatment package, you will pay less than if you just pay as you go.

This is like anything else, you have to get as much information as you can about the practitioners that you will possibly see, and after figuring out who are the ones worthy of your trust, you then figure out who might give you the best mix of price, results, and complimentary availability of schedule.