what was your bikini sheerlight settings? I need help

The lady that is doing my full bikini area said she has never done the whole thing. I told her I read people having it done. She is using the sheerlight. The first time she set it for 24?? Now remember it not the normal bikini. It the full thing. Senitive area is 24- not much hair fell out- some bald patches but not much. Last time the second treatment she turned it up to 25.

So I was just wondering what setting some people had?
Sally D

I had one treatment with the lightsheer(which is the machine I think your talking about) on the same area and mine was set at 34 I think…it was around there anyways. But it all depends on the colour of you skin. I think when she got to the darker area she did go down a bit but not much because it wasn’t that dark either. Maybe go to some other consultations with people that normally do that area and see what setting they would use. I would also be telling the lady that is doing it now that you definately are not satisfied. I had all but a few small patches fall out. Look around for another laser place if you feel that you are not getting what you want but keep in mind that darker skin people have less dramatic results because the setting can’t be that high.

Good luck

I think there is a misconception here regarding laser hair removal, and that is that you only need one or two treatments to get full removal. Laser hair removal is a multiple treatment procedure, and most clients need at least 5 treatments on any given area, except women’s faces, in order to get approximately 70-90% reduction overall. You get about 20-30% reduction with each treatment, so each treatment builds upon the one prior, with less and less re-growth as time goes by. It is a long-term commitment, and this should be explained to the client at consultation. If this is not being done, then the practitioner is misleading you.

I was told about the hair cycle. That’s why they sell the 4 session $850.00 I didn’t think this was bad. They do not offer anything less. It will be $200.00 each session after that.

She told me straight out she has no Idea how high she can set it for the sensitive areas since those areas have such thin skin & she doesn’t even think it is possible to remove these areas. I have read people have had it done. (areas I’m talking about are described in the mature forum much more clearly) Not the “normal bikini areas” the normal are still patchy but I AM REALLY HAPPY with the results of them.

The sensitive areas didn’t turn red, AND didn’t hurt much when it was being done or after when set for 24 some spot stung most felt like a tingle. I don’t know if this is because I used a numbimg gel and pastic wrap. In these places, I didn’t really have much hair fall out.

Last time she turned it up to 25, since the reaction I had last time. Those times it got red and felt like sunburn for 24 hrs. Or so. but its only been 7 days to soon to tell if its falling out or not. But I feel more confident

So I was hoping to give her some info on the sensitive areas from maybe some people that had it do or did it before
info I’d like to find out for her is

1)setting for different spots.
2)if there’s any add risk in these areas.
3) anything anyone would think was important to consider

Sally D

I live in a small town when checking into getting laser I found only 2 places did it I deffentliy didn’t like the one seem to promise the world to get your bussiness, if you know what I mean. cheep only one session. it be smooth. but no written guaritee.

The lady that is doing it I “love” she seems to be so honest. She has been doing it for 3 years now. she didn’t say anything about the color, just the thinness of the skin. but there is a color diff to. I THINK I’m a 2. but I don’t know for sure!

I know the normal areas were set for a 34. thinner areas was set for 24. the first time
second time 36 normal 25 thinner.

Thanks for your info but I need MORE.
Was yours sore??
for how long?
did the hair fall out the 1st - 2nd -3rd time? how long did it take? was it different for the “normal” and the “collored” spots?

Thaks Sally D