What type of elec. is this?

Hi, I’m in the process of having facial hairs treated and during my treatments I hold a small metal bar that is wrapped in a wet tissue. Is this galvanic, thermolysis or blend?

It could be any of the three, but only galvanic and blend require you to hold a ground electrode.

FYI, if you’re having a fair amount of work done, you may want to invest in patch electrodes. Spares you having to hold the ground bar.

A thermolysis treatment may also use a ground pole called the positive pole if the machine is set on automatic timing. The electrologist then does not have to step on the foot control. The positive pole can also be placed under any portion of the body directly on skin, if one does not want to hold it.

It could be Galvanic or the Blend. Please read very carefully the site:
ElectrolysisInformation.com very carefully. It will answer all your questions.

Yes, it could be any of the three, because although Blend and Galvanic REQUIRE a ground pole, and Thermolysis doesn’t, a Thermolysis treatment done with an automatic timing device would as well require the ground in order for the automatic firing device to work, although the thermolysis itself would not utilize the ground.