What tweezers do you like to use?

I have been using Regine H type tweezers and I’ve recently become quite frustrated with them. I don’t know if it is my method of sterilization (quats immersion followed by autoclave), but lately the tips of my tweezers have been distorting and no longer picking up hairs. All the tweezers are fairly new (within the last 2 - 3 months) and I treat them all with care. I’m careful to not hit the tips on anything and I haven’t dropped them… anyway, this is getting very frustrating.

What tweezers do you use? Any advice?

Dumont OC-9’s and some H’S. Never had a problem like yours?

I also use Dumonts, my favorites are the Diamond Dust H style. The Diamond Coating gives it that extra grip, that allows you to use a softer touch and therefor have a little less repetitive stress on your ligaments. Of course, everytime I drop them, I curse, There Goes $30 Bucks!