what to do?

Right I don’t know what to think about this whole waxing thing now?.
I was advised(thanks to the board) to go with waxing until I could afford a more permanent solution(i hope to get some this summer).
But what about the whole hair growing thinner/finer or thicker/darker dilemna after waxing.
If the former is true then thats great,if the latter is…well thats self-explanatory.
I’m afraid to try it now,is it true about hormones and hair type have an influence?I imagine it would be but is there anyway to get these things checked before I take out the wax?.
The last thing I want is to make things worse.
Any thoughts?

What area are you considering to wax?

Well quite abit,the back,shoulders,upper arms,the tops of my legs,butt(ha ha) and maybe around my stomach, but only a little.
If it were to grow back finer that would be great if it grew back at least the same as it was that would be pretty good for the time being.

The sites you mentioned for waxing would be acceptable, more so than doing facial areas. No one can say what your outcome would be, finer hair verses thicker hair??? Areas not influenced so much by a good blood supply and hormones (legs is an example) should be okay.

I’m not a fan of waxing the face, except for the eyebrows, because of the influence of hormones and the good blood supply that is present.


Right…Thanks for the help,i’m not being sarcastic or anything seriously thanks.So you’re saying that areas like legs should be ok,what about the other areas,would you know anything about them?. As silly as it might sound I’m still very wary bout doing this if you know what I mean. Man it’d be amazing if you could find someway to predict the outcome
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