What to do?


thanks for taking the time to read this. i am feeling pretty stupid right about now. i overlooked so many things with this electrologist! i wanted SO much for this to work. and i was so vulnerable. guess i wanted to believe it would be ok–despite the red flags. arg!

i have had approximately 60 hours of treatment over 8 weeks–just on my chin, lip and the sides of my face. the hair is dense only on my chin but there is a fair amount on the sides of my face and not too much on my lip.

she never ‘cleared’ any area entirely.

she worked on me 2-3 hours at a time 3+ times a week.

she works out of a very small room, part of her garage. it is not filthy, but doesn’t feel ‘sanitary’ by any means. it is certainly messy. some of the equipment from the permenant makeup was left out on a tray. etc etc.

she answered the phone anytime it rang during a treatment.

she charged $60 an hour and i tipped her 15%

i know that when one agrees to treatments such as this that there is risk involved.

i went to another re and she wouldn’t touch the area–and that was 6 days after my last treatment.

looking at it now i can’t believe i saw her for so long! i could see my chin was mincemeat, but i wanted so much for something to work.

now it is 8 days since my last treatment and the area is still red, tender and has clear scab/flaking.

i don’t plan to sue this woman, but i am wondering if it was inappropriate to schedule me like that for so many hours so close together. (one day i was to be there for 3 hours and she had me there for 4–my chin was swollen all weekend and even on monday when she worked on me again).

at one point she took it upon herself to ‘dig out’ some sort of blemish on my neck. i didn’t know what she was doing, but she told me a dermotologist would charge me $75 to do the same thing. she was using tweezers.

she also was really sick and worked on me–she wore two masks and i wore one too. she said she thought she had strep throat and found some old antibiotics and took them.

she was always late.

i can’t believe i was not able to get myself out of this sooner…i am so embaressed by the hair that i have not told anyone that i am doing this. i have had the problem for a long time and it is so humiliating.

i don’t know what to do, if anything. i’m not always a reasonable person either, so i’m hoping you can offer some suggestions.

i don’t think i will get refunded any money, not sure i even care about it anymore…except when i think of how much body work could have been done with that time! however, please let me know if it is not unreasonable to request at least a partial refund.

california does have a cosmotology complaint form, but i am not sure that will do much.

she does have a current cosmo. lic. and city business license. but she does not have any building permits (she told me all of this). i don’t know if that would make a difference–i don’t suspect the health dept. would come out and have a look.

i would like to do something though so that what has happened to me doesn’t happen to someone else. i agreed to keep showing up for hours at a time so i need to take responsibility for that.

maybe i just needed to get all that out. i guess the worst part is that i trusted her to do the job right.

somehow though it seems like i have a moral responsibility to do something.

thanks for taking the time to read this. as i said i have not told anyone i am doing this so i really apprecitate your time.


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Hi Tess,

Here are some things to consider:

  1. The California Department of Consumer Affairs, Board of Barbering and Comsetology issues and regulates electrology in the State of California. They issue licenses for Cosmetology, Beauticians, Estheticists, Manicurists, Barbers, and Electrologists. Was the practitioner the holder of an electrology license? If not, then what is she doing practicing electrology?

  2. In California, it is illegal to treat anyone if 1) The practitioner has an infectious disease or 2) the client has an infectious disease.

  3. All used, i.e. “soiled” instruments must be placed in appropriately marked, covered containers until such time as they may be properly cleaned, disinfected, and sterilized. Used materials must be properly discarded in covered waste recepticals and disposed of on a daily basis.

While it may not be exactly “illegal” to overwork a client, it is definately unethical and potentially injurious to the client.

The fact that the person has a business license may or may not be an indication of proper licensure with either the city, state, or county. I know that none of these agencies asked for a copy of my electrology license when I applied for my seller’s permit, business license or Police Background check - just the license number for the city which they may or may not follow up on with the current levels of funding for most municipalities in California.

These are things that you need to take a look at before you decide to go with an electrologist. I can not advise you what steps you should take, except to look for a practitioner in a better location. It might also be a good idea to see a dermatologist prior to getting any more work done. Severe overworking of the face can lead to pitting and scarring which can take a lot of time, money, and professional help to rectify.

Good luck,