what to do?

I am a male that is trying to reduce the amount of hair on my body. I have used had both laser and ipl for a total of 6 treatments. The areas I have focused on were my back, chest, shoulders, upper half of arms, upper legs (front and back), neck (front and back). At first I just did the sides of my chest and stomach so that I could leave some hair, however all the other areas were completely covered in the original treatments. The subsequent treatments were just focused on smaller areas were I wanted the hair to be totally removed like my shoulders and back and any other areas on my chest and stomach that may have grown back darker and thicker than other areas.

Before I started it was pretty much dark and thick all over. My aim the entire time is to just reduce the hair in certain areas but at the same time try and keep it looking somewhat natural. Overall both IPL and laser have worked very well in reducing the darkness and thickness of the hair but my problem is that it has left some areas looking a lot darker and thicker than the surrounding hair and therefore unnatural looking. It is mainly the chest and stomach area, where I originally left some hair up the middle of my stomach and chest.

I am not sure what to do about it? The way I see it I have two options, I can just go over my entire chest and stomach again with IPL to hopefully thin out the darker hair (which I dont really want to do as I would rather leave the hair) or as I have read in other posts finish off with some electrolysis sessions to thin out the darker areas.
I have organised an appointment to express my concerns but I would really appreciate any advice I could receive in this forum as I have seen some really good advice offered in other posts.

Tough call. This is my experience so far. I started laser on my chest and stomach, I have had two treatments. Like yourself I was looking for reduction. Now 3 or 4 weeks post 2nd treatment I have noticed a significant reduction in the amount of hair. Maybe a little more than I orignally had in mind. I am currently deciding weather to stop the work on my chest and snail trial, as I believe I have achieved what I wanted. It is still a little early so I am just going to wait until the majority of the new growth starts to come in.
I hope and I do think this will give me a natural look. As all hairs have been treated the same so far.

I suggest you go over the entire chest and stomach to even it all out. Electrolysis is also a good option, I am currently considering it for places on my back. You will probably achieve your desired look through it. It is a tough call, if you wanted permanent removal of all hair it would be alot easier.

I understand your situation.

One or two more treatments in the desired areas will not eliminate all of the hair. It will remove some of it, and make some of it grow back thinner. How much hair was removed on your first and second treatments? Later treatmens will remove less hair as the remaining hair is thinner and lighter.

If you want to target specific hairs electrolysis is a viable option too.


Id say 50% maybe more. Its hard to say at the moment. Ill let you know in a couple of weeks. I am very satisfied with the results so far. I just dont want to over do it.