What to do when someone scars you?

I’ve not been on here for a wee bit, but I posted a pic a while back as I was concerned with some of the treatment I had received. It was the same place I usually go, but a new woman who treated me.

I was told by the clinic that it was due to bacteria at the time, that it would go away. People on here thought it would, but alas it has not. I had a dermatologist look at it, and he thinks it is has definitely scarred.

To describe, they look like small, slightly darker indents in my face. All of the upper lip treated ended up like this, and some of the sides and bottom of my face. I’m really glad I only let her do three on the upper lip now!

Beware- My camera is terrible! But you can ‘sort of’ see what I mean.
Here’s straight after the treatment: https://www.dropbox.com/s/kq3dg2smrrpt71u/DSC_0009[1].JPG?dl=0

Aaand two months later? https://www.dropbox.com/s/x5uytwfmkrq1vpt/DSC_0008[1].JPG?dl=0

I want to continue with electrolysis, but I’m a little freaked. I intend to go back to the clinic, but I’m not sure if I should make a complaint about the woman who treated me or not- Naturally I wouldn’t let her treat me again, but I don’t want her to do this to others. I spent nearly £70 on this one treatment, and it’s caused me a great deal of grief.

Gah… How do you get over this nonsense? I’m so scared that I’ll just have these all over my face. This is the first treatment this has happened in, so logically it will not, but still…

Damn! Is this glitching out again?

I’ve not been on here for a wee bit, but I posted a pic a while back when I was concerned about some of the treatment I had received. It was the same place I usually go, but a new woman treated me.

I was told by the clinic at the time that it was caused by bacteria and it would go away. People on here also thought it would, but alas it has not. My dermatologist thinks it has scarred.

To describe, they look like small, slightly darker indents on my face. All of the upper lip treated (three small spots) look like this, and some of the sides of my face and chin. I wouldn’t let her continue working on me as it was excruciatingly painful- apparently it shouldn’t have been, as it was the normal thermolysis I usually get.

I’ll try to post the pics in the next comment, because I think the C&P is glitching the post out.

I want to continue with electrolysis, but I’m a bit freaked out after this. Should I make a complaint about the new woman who treated me? I wouldn’t want her doing it to others, and I’m pretty sure the treatment I got was bad. It’s caused a lot of grief- The last bloody thing I needed was something calling attention to my upper lip. I can’t even properly conceal them with make-up!

How do you get back into it when you are afraid of your face being a mess?

Finally, that worked! The camera I have is awful, but you can ‘sort of’ see what I mean.

Here’s immediately after treatment: https://www.dropbox.com/s/kq3dg2smrrpt71u/DSC_0009[1].JPG?dl=0

Aaand two months or so later: https://www.dropbox.com/s/x5uytwfmkrq1vpt/DSC_0008[1].JPG?dl=0


Not seeing the pictures? Can you copy and paste those links again? You can send them to me here, in a private message and I can try and get them up on the board.

I’m putting on my “big mouth” cap again this morning …

My question is always: Why do people “feel funny” (reluctant) about pointing out errors that professionals make?

I see this over-and-over, all the time. A plastic surgeon screws-up and the patient comes to Dr. C for the fix … and never complains to the other physician? Somebody gets a big “lump” from electrolysis and they come to Hairtell for “help” … and are always reluctant to talk to the electrologist!

I suppose we all avoid confrontation?

Then of course, “we” struggle with photos on Hairtell, try to assess the case, make recommendations … and sometimes get “bashed” by somebody “with an ax to grid” for “defending the electrologist.” It makes me crazy!

Dragons, you owe it to yourself, and the place you went, to show-up and simply state the facts. Let them deal with it.

SCREAM bloody murder if you feel like it!

I will say, that WAY too often electrologists will try to blame problems on something else and not themselves … when they know damn well it WAS their fault. To that point, I’m NOT buying the explanation that “bacteria caused this!” You were overtreated.

My other favorite is, “Oh did you go out in the sun?” “What did you put on your face?” Blah blah blah! Look, we all know what a “screw up” looks like … so take responsibility for your own mistakes, i.e., don’t be a lying snake!

Of course, I’m not seeing “your problem” in your photos … so I have no opinion. The opinion of your dermatologist is the only one that counts … not me or any of us here in “internet-land.”

I will also add that those damned tiny blond vellus hairs on a young woman’s face? That is the NUMBER ONE place where “errors” happen. The primary error (in my opinion) is that invisible hairs should not be treated at all … not waxed, bleached or zapped!

Vellus hairs are normal on female faces. I know young women focus on this … but a seasoned electrologist has the obligation to tell them what they could end up with … tiny scars.

Yes, I do know that highly SKILLED therapists, like Dee, CAN do this. I’m not sure there are many with her level of skill.

For myself, I would not work on such a case. (In your photos I don’t see ANY hairs that should be removed by elecrolysis!)

We all make mistakes, dermatologists are no exception. Some of the most serious cases of overtreatment we have seen here in Hairtell were performed by dermatologists.

Jossie! Does this mean you don’t like me any more? … sniff sniff sniff. (Now, I’m crying … he he he)

Thanks for the advice. I tried again to get photos, but the only camera I have is from a cheap smartphone, so it’s impossible for me to get a decent photo. That said, the ‘dents’ on my face visible to the naked eye, even when covered by make-up, so I have no doubt of their existence.

Michael, I’ve got no idea why the hairs aren’t visible on the first picture- but my lips aren’t that red either so I think the camera was having a ‘moment’ with colours in general. I am having brown hairs treated on my upper lip, caused by PCOS, not vellus hairs. So don’t worry! I’m not paying someone to get rid of that :stuck_out_tongue:

The concern here is that it’s the same clinic, and I’m afraid to rock the boat… People naturally want to think the best of the people they work with (well, most of the time). I think I’ll ask to discuss it with the owner, I know she’s very experienced and hopefully she will be able to spot nonsense if she is given any.

Hi Dragons,
Sad to hear of bad results you experienced. Over treatment is certainly a risk and should be discussed as a side effect .

Thermolysis is not the current that will permanently destroy all the cells in the follicle for deep course hair. What most likely happened with your case, is that the electrologist had the Thermolysis setting too high and was in the follicle way too long. Perhaps even was working with a old machine that runs much hotter than newer thermolysis epilators. The pits you were left with will slowly heal a bit and level out some, but most likely you will have some sort of deviation on the skin. I have seen many clients that have previously been treated with Thermolysis with the orange peel skin depressions with thick hair still growing out of the pits/ depressions!!!
I never use straight Thermolysis (AC) on deep course hair. Thermolysis works best on fine vellus hair. Blend uses Galvanic current and low level thermolysis. You would benefit from Blend or just straight Galvanic.

I would recommend you look for a Blend or Galvanic operator for your unwanted PCOS hair.

Electrolysis is a procedure. It is up to you to inform yourself. You must do the home work on learning the differences between the modalities since you don’t want further damage and want the hair off.

Dear SFelectrolysis,

I know you are trying to be helpful … BUT, you are going to get a lot of flack for your assertions about modality … and, rightly so!

I don’t know how many years of practice you have “under-your-belt” but I have seen terrific work accomplished by all modalities, and rotten work performed by every type of modality too.

It’s not enough to recommend this-or-that modality or machine or the “phase of the moon.” It’s all … and only … the operator.

After 40 years of this … I can say this with absolute certitude.

In my own neighborhood, there is an electrologist that uses the machine I use, the needles I use and went to the school I went to. I wouldn’t recommend a dog to have work by her!

Erm… I did do quite a bit of research on this, SF. I’m not even slightly claiming to be an expert, but that’s the first time I’ve ever been advised to go blend or straight galvanic for non plucked/waxes hairs.

I’ve had good results (as in fairly visible reduction) from thermolysis under my chin/top of the neck and as I stated- This is the first time there has been ANY skin damage. Most of the people at the clinic I go to get thermolysis and it gets the job done- They use fairly new machines as well. Yes, I was paranoid about starting the procedure to check.

I appreciate you taking the time to reply to me, but sorry SF, I do doubt your advice.

I’ve had nothing but thermolosis if that’s how its spelt, I didn’t have a beard but I had random thick dark hairs on my chin and around my nipples, sounds disgusting but these are all gone now, nipples at 9 months chin at 12 months. I’m so happy I’ve moved onto upper lip which is taking longer, I also have 1 or 2 very thin ones removed from chin.
What I am saying is thermolysis worked for me was quick not too painful when I had any marks they were only tiny and always cleared by next appointment roughtly a month apart.

Sounds like the same as me Helen- It’s just a ‘sprinkling’ of hairs here and there. Glad to hear you are getting results :slight_smile:

What I don’t like is that people trust blindly in a person by virtue of being a dermatologist. You yourself could see the pictures of French boy’arm who was treated by a dermatologist, I sent you them a few weeks ago. You were quite emphatic, “That arm has scars.” And apparently this French derma is an expert in electrolysis, I don’t want to think of one who has no idea of the appearance of a post-electrolysis lesion.

He’s a competent dermatologist- But I do get your point. My main GP had no idea it was even still around- People don’t seem to talk about it much here in the UK. What he said was that the tissue at the ‘dent’ area appeared to be scarred tissue when he examined it.

I’ve left it two months, there is a visible ‘dent’ and a slightly different colour to it- Could you think of anything else it might be?

That’s also why I’m a bit afraid to ‘rock the boat’ at the clinic- I still wish to get electrolysis and I don’t want to accuse someone if it’s not true.

I’ll borrow my mate’s camera tomorrow and try to get some pics…

I’m not saying that the area has not been overtreated, if you are seeing a “dent” is because it is there, but that does not mean it can not be repaired when the healing process is complete. Two months is too little time to think that the damage is permanent.

However, you are within your rights to refuse to be treated by this person again. This is your skin, and no one can blame you for being cautious.

Hey Jossie,

Gosh, I forgot that dermatologists TRY to do electrolysis in France. BAD IDEA!

I’d “go” with the dermatologist identifying a scar … but don’t do the work with your hyfrecator … PLEASE!