What to do right after waxing?

okay i am about to wax my chest/stomach for the first time, what should i do right after to prevent ingrown hairs or achne on the waxed area?

i am not an expert, but i have been waxing my bikini (all the way) and i just use a lot, a lot, of lotion. i also run, so sometimes i use this lotion by hairoff, since i tend to get irritated skin easily. it is “medicated relief,” sure to get rid of bumps within 24 hours (i have really sensitive skin)…its primary ingredient is lidocaine, so i wonder if a similar version is out there that is not so expensive. personally, i think one just needs to keep one’s skin soft and soothed so it doesn’t get irritated.

the short answer is nothing-
the skin where you have been waxed will be sensitive and for the first 24 hours you want to avoid irritating the area which means avoiding excersize, tanning and tight clothing. Make sure you stay hydrated and in 24 - 48 hours exfoliate using a loofa. Exfoliate regularly (three or four times a week) and keep an eye out for ingrowns, if you find any free the hair from the skin carefully but do not pluck.
If you do break out you can use a after wax specific ointment like tend skin, you can also use hydrocortosone cream, diluted tee tree oil, or aloe.
The first wax is the most difficult for the skin but after that it gets easier. I think you will really enjoy the results.