what to choose for my 12 year old daughter?


I need some help. My daughter is in the 7th grade. She has blonde hairs on her legs and armpits. She has been shaving since the 6th grade. However, she is “terrible” with a razor. I have never seen anyone who could cut such gashes in her legs while shaving. So, the advice I need is: For Christmas I could like to buy her either an electric razor or an epilator (if these REALLY hurt, she might not like it) I just know she hates to shave (and she is not good at it) I need to buy her something that will prolong shavings and will keep her legs free from scars (lol) I checked on internet for electric shavers; ie Remington Smoove and Silky, Panasonic Progession. There is a neat looking item called the EPILADY that is an epilator and you can change the head into an electric razor too. Please help me find something worth while and safe from my daughter. SUGGESTIONs are why I am here. Thanks a bunch to all!


Hi pmomar–

Epilators do hurt, so since she has blonde hair, I’d probably recommend an electric razor. The brands you mentioned are good. Keep in mind an electric does not give as close a shave, so she may be a bit more stubbly. This is usually only a problem for darker-haired girls, though.

Electrics need to be used with caution around the amrpits, backs of the knees and thighs, where they can cause irritation and even catch the skin if the skin isn’t pulled tight. Epilators are even harder to use in these areas. Your skin should be clean and dry when using these unless you get a wet/dry electric that goes in the shower.

Hope that helps, and tell her to hang in there! :smile:

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