What sould I buy?

I’ve tried 2 different IPL devices with poor results and now I’m going to purchase a home device. Should I try Tria or silk’n? I heard That silk’n is way better but I’ve never tried lasaer befor.
Give me ur advises plz


Silk’n is also an IPL device. Tria is a laser though. I had better luck with the Silk’n, but if you say you didn’t have good results with IPL than the Tria might be a better option for you.

Note: I wouldn’t expect permanent hair removal with either device. But they can achieve long term hair removal if that is what you are looking for. If you are looking for it to be gone forever, I would invest your money in electrolysis or professional laser treatments.

Like Tommy says, if you’re looking for permanent results, you need professional treatments (true laser or electrolysis by someone who knows what they’re doing, not poor IPL). If you’re looking for temporary, I would go with Tria because at least it’s a diode, not an IPL.

Also, I hope you understand that laser only works on coarse dense hair.

Just read about the “new” tria (cheaper and faster), I wonder if that would the begining of a cold war between these 2 brands.

No one is running to spend $800 on something that takes a lot of time and effort to produce temporary results which can be similar to waxing. So I think both of them are fine. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if many of the current buyers will start asking for their money back in a year or two when they realize that the claims are not living up to their expectations. Then, whichever company sold more devices would love to be in the other’s shoes.

BTW, I found that my cortisol levels were exteremly high. Could that be the reason for the results with the IPL devices?

More importantly, the question I want to ask is, what is being done about the high cortisol levels??!!

Cortisol is hormone secreted by the adrenal glands. Too much cortisol can cause several things to happen within your body, but for women it can cause irregular periods and too much facial hair, but there are far more important issues that are created by high cortisol levels. What areas have you used IPL’s on before? Your face? or body? If your body is in high gear with cortisol, yes, you could be producing more hair than any hair removal method can possibly keep up with.

Was your cortisol levels detected by blood, urine or saliva? What time of the day were you tested?

Forget about IPL’s and home devices at the moment and focus in on why your cortisol levels are extremely high!! Are you following up with your physician?? * That would be a very important thing to do.* [color:#CC0000]I’m serious about this.

My nerves system is in some sort of “Hyper” state. we are trying to deal with it. My high levels were found in a 24h urine test.
I tried to remove the hair from all over my body. The hair was falling out but was growing back later.

It may be that you were seeing your body develop NEW hair due to underlying medical issues. You need to address that first before dealing with hair removal. Hair removal methods can only remove hair that’s currently present - they cannot prevent your body from developing new hair.

I tried the Quazar IPL 600. Risky for me but for 800.00 I have had results with one treatment, and yes all the forum gurus(there always lurking in all forums) will be ready to shoot my claim down but it is true. With claimed power of the unit and the pulse life of the lamp, even if exagerated, it was a no brainer for me considering the lamp replacement and life span compared to other products out there but more importantly their minute 5jules per pulse. I can update you on my treatments. BTW I am male with male hormone levels so this process will be longer for me but I am patient and methodical.