What Should I Do?

Hi, I posted on here once before about my hair problem, I’m young only thirteen. Anyway I’ve noticed lately I have hair all the way up to my eyes, not coarse and all over the place but still its pretty bad, what should I do? I’m not sure how to tell my mom, we don’t really get along and I don’t think she would understand shes practically hairless while I have hair on almost every part of my body. I’m not sure what caused the hair either, my dad’s somewhat hairy but not extremely, I guess it could be because I have thyroid problems but I don’t know. I’m just really upset all I can do is cry, can anyone give me advice on what to do how to tell my mom or something like that. I feel really depressed and don’t know what to do I’d really appreciate it if someone could help, thanks.

Wow, as doctors say I can not diagnos over the phone.

I do not want to minimize your concerns. 13 is tough. Yes you could have normal genetic hair growth. You could be experiencing normal hormonal change and you just need to adjust.

You could have polycystic ovarian syndrom.You could have thyroid or other endocrine problems.

Give mom a chance talk to her when she is not distracted or consumed with other issues. My thirteen year old would have said the same thing about me. I wanted to take her to electrolysis but thought she would hate me for not accepting and loving her hair and all. I licked my thumb and smoothed out her hair and she said “I hate that hair.”

Really I replied there are options. She was all genetics.

Thanks for replying, I guess I should just talk to my Mom I’m just worried she’ll say “oh everyone has that or thats normal” because when I realized I had a mustache and told her thats what she said, but I’ve noticed its gotten worse the last few months. Again thanks for replying I’ll try talking to her.

sweetheart, Iam pretty sure your are normal. I hated the guys telling me I had a mustache. I didn’t really have that much hair but it was dark. So I could sympathize with my daughter. Your mom knows the pain of being 13 we (Moms)just want to leave it behind so we forget and can seem insensitive.