What should I do??

Hi everyone,

The last 2 times I’ve gone in for LHR I’ve gotten the Underarm/Extended Bikini pckg for $229, and the Lower Legs for $199. Yes that is very expensive but I’ve been going every other month, so I generally alloted $200 month for LHR.

I’ve had 2 sessions on my legs and do not notice the difference that I’ve been receiving on my underarms and bikini. My next appt this Saturday is for underarms and bikini only, and I’dl ike to finish that up before continuing on w/legs or anything else.

Will I have just wasted my $400 on my legs if I stop now and don’t start up again for a few more months? I no longer want to pay $429 a pop, it’s too dang expensive to get all that done at once, but I don’t want to waste what I’ve already spent either. [color:“purple”] [/color]

If you wait more then a few (4 - 6) months you will have some of the hairs go dormant before you treat them again but that is a minor issue.
Any gains you have achieved to date will stay with you. The one good thing about waiting a few months is you will get to assess if the laser if truly working for you. Ideally if you have before photos you could easily determine the gains but in my experience hair removal is like weight loss you do not have an objective view of the gains made and tend to think “Gosh I am still so hairy”
Welcome to the world of hair removal. If funds are tight then it is better to focus on the more important areas and as they achieve the results you want move onto the other areas.


Thanks Chris. That’s what I’m going to do. Stick to Underarm/Bikini. I honestly don’t see any results on my legs. I thought I did at first, but then again I’ve only had 2 treatments on them.

My next appt is in an hour, and I am so nervous! Even dreading it! Because last time hurt so freakin bad, even with the numbing cream. She really cranked the joules last time. I can’t wait till it’s over!!