What settings should I use?

I bought a laser to use at home but I don’t know what settings will give me the best results. The spot size is 10X17 and the energy goes up to 120cm2. What energy and pulse width would be the best? Also I will need to use a gel, can I just use regular aloe vera gel or does it have to be a special gel? Maybe a numbing gel is a good idea?

I’m going to go against my usual “Pro-DIY” stance and say this is NOT something you should do on your own. it’s not clear whetehr you’ve purchased a home unit or someones failed IPL business, however I should tell you that all IIPL are too weak to have a permanent effect on hair removal, whether home unit or professional.Also, you could cause serious burns by using the wrong amount of energy on the incorrect skin type. While iI’m very pro-DIY when it comes to electrolysis, I would not be so willing to endorse home laser use due to differing skin types, I’m not so sure it’s worth the risk trying to do this without appropriate training.


In all likelihood, the laser you bought is too weak to give any permanent results. Moreover, even if we could give settings, it would be inappropriate to do so (a) without seeing you in person (b) without knowing what skin type you are © without even knowing what laser you’re talking about (d) why you NEED to use a gel, etc.