What Nevershaveagain.com said to me

This is an email I recieved from them:


Thank you for your E-mail and interest in our product. I know that we have some bad press on the Internet web site Hair Facts which is run by the electrolysis group which is one of our major competitors. I am also well aware that our competition which is not happy with the business we take away from them. This is especially true for the electrolysis and laser lobby which I believe is behind many of the remarks which are not favorable. For prospective, we have sold several million units to as many satisfied customers. Compare this fact with the few negative comments on Hair Facts’ web site which might have been sent by bias people. We have been selling various models of our product under the same brand name for over twenty years since we first patented our technology in 1977. Previously we have sold through major retailers such as Sears, Penney’s, Bloomingdales, Macy’s, Q.V.C., The Shopping Channel, Harrods of London and many others. In all cases, our product was reviewed by this major companies and passed by their quality control departments as to how our product functioned and their legal departments as to our claims of permanency. We sold very well with all these companies. We compete very favorably when compared to electrolysis and laser. Any one can write a letter to a web site and say anything they want. There is no downside or anyway to verify their motives. The fact that we have been in business so long, had our product sold by such major companies, have independent completed, medical panel reviewed and published clinical studies and millions of satisfied customers hopefully out weighs a few people who might not have even purchased our product making a comment on a web site. Some of the web sites which bash our product and other company products are sponsored by an electrolysis group. I provide you this information so that you have a balanced understanding of our product.

Now it is possible that you detailed research has just uncovered that all these major retailers from around the world has incompetent quality control and legal departments, that the doctors performing our clinical studies and the completely independent panel of doctors lied and as such placed their careers and reputations at risk just to help us, the prestigious medical journal which published our clinical studies is also incompetent along with our F.D.A. which approved a 510K filling allowing us to sell our product in the U.S. and our several million satisfied customers we have serviced over the past 22 years are just so stupid that they cannot tell the difference between permanent hair removal and hair growth. I will admit to you that this is all possible and that you in-depth research of reading a few comment by unknown writers on the Hair Facts web site has just uncovered this so called ‘scam’. Possible but I believe not likely in anyone’s normal review. I would strongly suggest that you do not purchase our product and that you go with either laser or electrolysis with there associated much higher cost and potential skin damage if administered wrong.

David Walsh
United Production, Inc.

Customer Service

Now that one of the Rejuvenu guys is in jail and Quacky’s Consumer Beware keeps fading away into irrelevance, I have some time for Finally Free.

Let me say again, Finally Free at nevershaveagain.com is a HUGE SCAM.

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