what medication should be prescribed for PCOS?

what should I tell me ob gyn? i just want the hair growth to stop…

ask your doctor to run blood tests. fasting glucose test and a blood testosterone test. after these results come back, you may need to be referred to an endocrinologist. he/she is the doctor who can perscribe you the meds you need. once on the meds, you have to follow the directions. you can not skip pills, just to save money. i take 3 pills a day of metformin (glucophage), and am going on birth control soon. it sucks, but this is an expensive problem. the hair will not just fall out either. you are going to need electrology. if you are diagnosed though, insurance may pay for your treatments. i am at this point now, submitting a claim to my insurance co. to see if they will pay. these things take time, but be thankful you have a place to go to feel comfortable and ask questions. hope this helps!

Some cases of unwanted hair in women are related to undiagnosed glucose issues. Be sure to get the tests mentioned above and discuss any changes in weight, sleep habits, energy level and amount of hair with your OB/GYN.