What Machine would You Suggest to Me?

I had made another post here where I was considering laser treatment: http://www.hairtell.com/ubbthreads/showflat.php/Cat/0/Number/27073/an/0/page/0#27073

And in view of the feedback received I’m now reconsidering electrolysis.

But what I really hated about electrolysis were 2 things:

  1. That I couldn’t do anything except trim or bleach until the next appointment; and
  2. The very fact that I had to have scheduled appointments with my electrologist and not deal with it in MY free time and when I really need it (you know like discovering a couple of hairs just prior to an important date or whatever and cannot pluck them out = frustrating!)

That is why I am considering buying a machine myself. But I don’t want to get ripped off - I already got ripped off some years ago when I bought a Finally Free machine for nearly USD 200…

My electrologist had 2 types of machines - the conventional one where she inserts the needle into the follicle, zaps then removes the hair with tweezers. And another machine which she used to use on my upper lip (because I couldn’t bear the other one there!) which consisted of tweezers only - she holds the hair for some 2 or 3 seconds, there is smell of burning hair and then the hair just falls out with her tweezers without needing pulling or anything. She used to say she has to be very careful not to touch my (or her!) skin because it would really burn.

I really like to have something like that to use on myself, mainly because I’m afraid that by inserting a needle I will scar myself or something.

I’d REALLY appreciate if you could help me on what kind and brand of machine is the best for home electrolysis (and which at the same time won’t put my bank account in the red and leave me homeless or whatever, lol!)

If it is of help, I’m in Europe… so I understand that brands might differ, but a basic outline on how the best machine should work would really help!

Most people in the UK go with the Sterex machine.

You could get one from the US, but then you would need a transformer for the plug, so the current difference will be taken care of.

How does the Sterex machine work?