What length of hair for waxing...

What is the length hair needs to be to allow waxing to be effective? I am waxing my head and do not know if I am willing to let my hair grow out enough for waxing to be an option. Anyone that has input or experience with waxing a head… I’d love to hear from you.


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Waxing the head or using epilators on the scalp is not easy, especially if you have a lot of hair. In fact, it can tear the skin pretty badly if you aren’t careful. It’s also very difficult to do your own head, especially the back, since it’s hard to see what you are doing. If you decide to try this, you should get it waxed by a pro the first time, then try touch-ups at home. Be sure to go to someone who has waxed head hair before.

Your hair should probably be at least a quarter inch (2 cm) if it’s fine, and longer if it’s coarse. The more coarse the hair, the more likely you’ll tear the skin, so be careful!