What laser to use?St. Louis area clinic?

So I have been researching laser for about 2 months now and I am curious what type of laser would be best for my stats.I am a 26 m.I seem to be between a type 2 and 3 white pretty fair skin sandy blonde hair but body hair is dark. I am in the St. Louis area. I have only looked at one clinic and it uses the isolaz(which Ive heard isn’t great. I want back chest and abs done. Ive got about 2k. What can I expect to pay because the clinics Ive checked out vary greatly.

I have been to two St Louis laser spas, The Youthful Body and The Face and Body. Both have pleasant and competent staff. The laser gives a good reduction in hair, although for me results seemed to vary by body area. On average, perhaps 50-60% reduction over a year. Right now there seem to be specials available (buy 3, get 5 treatments). However, only electrolysis seemed to really eliminate the hair. Costs for laser seem to be about $2,000-2,500 for chest and back. Electrolysis is about $60 per hour, so you could get 33+ hours for 2K. Unless you have a whole lot of hair I think this is the better deal. It would not hurt to ask for a deal here either, i.e., complete clearance for $X including touchups. Worst case is they say no.

I can recommend Electrolysis, Ect. in Clayton, 314-727-8313. Ms. Sunyatta Marshall is great

Good luck.


You need an alexandrite type of laser for best results, such as GentleLASE or Apogee. There are many clinics in your area since it’s a big city. We provide many ways to find clinics near you. Please read the links below and follow our advice to narrow down to a few clinics that you can actually check out in person for consultations. Average prices are also listed in the FAQs link below.

50-60% is not a very good reduction if the hair is coarse. Also, 1 year wouldn’t be enough to get all 6-8 treatments if they’re spaced correctly 2-3 months apart. And after that, you’d have to wait at least 3-4 months to judge true reduction.

Results depend a lot more on the type of hair that’s being treated, and machine and settings used than on body area.