What laser should I choose?

I am set on permanent hair removal as soon as I can afford it. I’m 20, male, type II, coarse dark hair (a lot of it), and I’m not asking for permanent removal, just a lot of reduction (a lot) so I’m leaning toward laser over electrolysis. After reading a lot of people’s posts, I see that sometimes laser either doesn’t work, or all the hair comes back, or sometimes stimulates new growth. I’ve also read some of these things happen with certain types of laser.

My goal is to get as much reduction as possible. I would rather pay a little more and have it take a little longer and not have to deal with any side effects. I currently have no idea what the differences are between the different kinds of lasers, or about the joules or wavelengths or any of that. Is it right that certain lasers have certain side effects? Can anyone give me the quick rundown?



Well I think first you will have to decide if you do want permanent hair removal as you originally state, or if you do not want permanent hair removal as you state in the next sentence.

That will determine whether or not you pursue a path of reduction or removal.

Find an experienced and recommended technician with either a diode or an alexandrite type laser. Settings vary based on the actual machine model, so we can give you more advice on that once you find the place to do it at. Laser works well on dark coarse hair and since you have very light skin, you should get good results with an experienced tech. That’s most important, so spend time on researching a good place to go.

I do want permanent reduction, as much as possible, but if a few stray hairs remain, that would be fine if there is significant reduction (at least 70%-90%).