what kind of laser is more effective?

I posted this on a really old thread…so here it goes again (with a little more detail)

I am trying to decide what kind of laser to use and I’m wondering other people’s opinions.

I saw one opinion posted that the order of preferred lasers are:

  1. Alexandrite-1
  2. LHE (Light & heat)-2
  3. ND Yag-3
  4. Diode-4

I’ve found a place with a great deal using LHE (yes, I know that LHE is not a laser per se), but I’m a little wary of LHE because it seems that few clinics are using it and I can’t find that much impartial information on it. I’ve done some searches for scientific papers and have only found one on LHE but many on other lasers (http://www.skinpulse.ch/rtf_pdf_docs/Final%205_3-4-163-CLT30261.pdf). I’ve really been looking for results from clinical studies rather than anecdotal evidence.

Does anybody know if LHE is as effetive as Alexandrite in terms of percent of hair reduction over the long term.

I realise that laser will only be permanent hair reduction and not removal, but I am a good candidate (dark hair and light skin) and I’m looking for the most bang for my buck. It seems that LHE is less costly than the other lasers, but then that could just be the difference between clinics.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

PS is it true that you could expect scabbing?? I thought that would indicate that the strength was set too high for your skin…

an alex or a diode will be most cost-effective for your skin and hair type. LHE takes longer to achieve similar results and only with a good tech.