What kind of hair removal should I use?

I am 17. I have dark brown hair, my body hair is mainly light brown but my pubic region and center chest are pretty much black now. I have very hairy legs and feet too. Nearly my whole lower body is covered with hair of about an inch long with exception to my ass. Even my inner thighs have lots of hair. The region around my ass crack is very hairy while decreasing as you go further away. My center chest area is moderately area with a lil bit on the the nipples and a small line down to my belly button. My neck region has that extra hair which most people have and usually is trimmed when getting a hair cut but mine covers a bit more o my neck and grows alot faster then most people. I shaved my whole legs twice in my life, i trim my inner thighs often along with my pubic hair and also have trimmed my lower legs 2,3 times. I waxed and used nair on my thighs to experiment and noticed the same type of regrowth as shaving but now I got multiple hairs growing out of the same root. Why is that? Also, I got ingrown hairs on the thighs when waxing and using nair.

What type of treatment should I use to get rid of all this hair? I know if I shave it’s only gonna grow back faster and faster to a point where i got to shave every day, so i don’t wanna do that. And I hate getting ingrown hair cuz they take so long to heal, for me anyway. I don’t want all my family and friends to know and I don’t wanna spend a fortune for all this.

Please what can I do?

How dark is your skin? If you are type IV or higher, I would try a practitioner that has a Nd:YAG laser, like the Sciton, Coolglide, or Lyra-i. Laser has an affinity for coarse dark hair.


I’m like between a dark latino and a white caucasian. I tan really easily tho which at some parts of my body like my arms and legs leaves a pemanent tan.