What is your experience with Ideal Image? Bad or Good


I’ve had three treatments with Ideal Image and it seems they are using settings that are too low to be effective. I have type II or III skin.
Laser: Alex Candela GentleLase
Spot size: 18mm
Treatment 1: 10 J
Treatment 2: 10 J
Treatment 3: 12 J
Spot Treatment: 14 J

I’ve experience shedding after every treatment and I think my hair is a little thinner, but with only 10 weeks inbetween treatments can I be sure?

Also, I’ve had three different Techs. When I signed up they told me one lady does all of the treatments, unless they were very busy than someone from another branch would come to help out.

Other than that I don’t have any complaints. Everyone is very nice and they answer all of my questions in detail. The center is very clean and the techs seem very professional.

Please let me know what your experiences have been with Ideal Image? I just want to make sure I’m not wasting my time and money.

I use Ideal Image for underarm hair. I just had my fifth treatment and had a different tech. every time, not sure if that really matters tho. I can say that I am experiencing NO reduction at all on this hair.

My wedding is 1 week away and I expected most of the hair would be gone by this time. But nope! I’m still having to shave every day. When I went last week I told the tech. this and she couldn’t believe it. She said that there should have been some reduction but looking she could see that there wasn’t and that I’m still having to shave and that the hair just keeps coming back. I don’t know what settings they are using. At this rate w/ their guarantee, I feel like I’ll be going for years.

asylum, please find out what laser and settings they’ve used on you so far. it sounds like previous posts of experiences with this clinic where they’re using settings that are too low to actually kill the follicles. also, what is your skin and hair type/color?

I won’t be going back until Dec. I think that she must have turned up the setting this time b/c it seemed to hurt more than other times. But I have super pale skin, I would wear the lightest color in all powders or foundations they sell, I can wear almost white powder. But that hair grows in black, so it really should be working and it’s not. I’m still shaving every day or I have a full amount of stubble. Kind of depressing considering how expensive these treatments were!

you can phone them and get the information on settings. it would help you to know if they were using too low of settings so you can bargain for a better deal. if you didn’t experience much pain before, you were almost certainly undertreated. effective treatments hurt.