What is used to draw area where hair is?

I would like to use some sort of white pencil to draw where the area of hair is so that once i shave the tech will see where it was. Can anyone tell me what to use and how to use it so it remains on through the shaving process?

There are white, non-toxic permanent markers. Even if you got one with a xylene solvent, it would probably be okay, but I would go for a non- toxic pen. Search the internet for ‘non-toxic white permanent marker’ . I bet Sharpie or Bic make something. Red is also acceptable to use if you can’t find white. Ask your laser specialist if you can purchase a pen from them. They may use a white marker to cover up moles or freckles and probably what they use is something accepted in the industry.

Oh DF you are always coming though.:heart:I was going to erase the question but didnt know how to do that.
The place Im going for laser doesnt use them. I will check into those pens.

Ok another skill testing question for you or ??? Do these settings mean anything to you? Can you please help to interpret them? Settings for ndyag side of cutera xeo prowave machine - 55 and 20 with pulses of greater than 20

Sometimes I remember to check out the unanswered posts, danika! When I saw your lonely little question there, I felt badly that you were ignored for far too long.

You got me on your last question… I am an electrologist, not a laser specialist, though I will try to answer some laser questions if I know the answers. I hope your question gets answered by a laser expert.

It did, and You are a good bean DFahey

Danika, you can also puchase some tattoo markers, which can be purchased from amazon. They are temporary markers which can be wiped of with alcohol wipes or soap and water.

Thanks Tehfe. Not enough time before next session but will check into it for following ones.

Tehfe, do you know if the color matters with those? I may know someone here who has a brown one.

Hopefully, they make a white marker. If not, red should be fine.

I can get a brown one in time berfore for tommorow’s session. It is a child’s non toxic tattoo pen, washable with soap but it is brown so that may not be good? . I can try to order one of the others but it will take a while to get here.

No, don’t use brown. White. Here is a link from Staples:


Looks like you can purchase a white brow pencil at CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, Target, almost anywhere.