What is this ........ STUFF???

Okay, I have a question, I have recently purchased the ever-discussed One Touch Home Electrolisys kit. Everything’s gone fine so far, considering the procedure, (What with the stabbing and the poking and the electricity and the pain and…) (grin) and I’m actually pretty okay with the whole thing so far. My question is, when I was using the stylus pen, on some hairs a small amount of what looked like a whiteish fluid, (Looked almost like pus, but thick, and whiter. It also wasn’t coming from an infected follicle or anything like that.) came out of the follicle both before the treatment was done, and after the hair was pulled. I’m talking a pretty small amount here, but still, it was enough to make me wonder. So, if anyone’s heard of this before, and knows what it is, please let me in on it! (smile) Thanks a lot! Have a good day!

The home units that actually have a prayer of working utilize the galvanic electrolysis reaction that electrically stimulates a chemical process whereby the salt water of the sweat is rearranged into lye, and hydrogen gas. The gas creates bubbles in the lye and gives you the white froth you are seeing. For safety reasons, the home units are not capable of the speed of treatments that the pro machines can deliver. This is because pro speed in ameture hands would equal overtreatment and serious skin damage. Which the company translates into decreased profit via lawsuits.

Over treatment would have weeping plasma leaking out of the skin post treatment, but that would be clear fluid, not white.
If this is what you choose to do, you really would be better off hooking up with a hair removal buddy, so you can get better treatment with a “You poke me, and I’ll poke you” agreement.
I am an electrologist, and I would not do work on myself. Reverse insertions in a mirror with a pro machine is bad enough. Trying to maneuver that home kit backwards is something I would not consider.
Although I would still suggest you get a pro, if you are determined to do this, at least get a copy of The Blend Method by Mike Bono and read it from cover to cover.

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I have spent many a successful hour with the One Touch and home electrolysis. Most of the time I consider the whitish fluid a sign of success. More often than not, if I do not see any kind of this fluid coming out, then I’ve missed on the insertion. Some follicles will produce more fluid than others.

Also, since this lye solution is the chemical that destroys the root, be sure to squeeze out the excess after removing the hair or it may result in internal scabs in the form of hard bumps below the skin.

The galvanic process of the One Touch will work very well, but it will always be slow, not so much due to power, but that’s the way galvanic treatment is. They are safer than pro units because they do not produce the powerful Thermolysis zap which must be set very accurately to be safe.

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