What is the very worst or most likely side effect w/ Diode on darker skin?


I am a IV and V on the area being treated. My first dose was at 15 joules, 30mm, w/ no negative event so far so i’m going to try to push it higher and higher, hoping to go up to 40. I will accept many side effects but am curious what is likely to worst that could happen. the only thing i don’t want is texture change. It is on my brazilian so i will accept colour change but don’t want anything wierd like raised scarring. How bad will the colour change be, anyone can think of a range? I will accept alot in order to be hair free now matter if i do have to go for years and years. Any ideas? and how long is the colour change for? Forever? Will lightening products have any effect? big thanks.

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Hi: I don’t recommend diode for type4-5 skin types - the resulting hypo-hyper pigmentation is fairly extreme, along with the possibility of burns. In order to safely treat these skin types with a diode laser, the responsible operator will have to use very low fluence levels and a high pulse width. A diode wavelength cannot achieve the proper pulse width for darker skin types - the wavelength is much too short. Because of this, darker skin types do not get effective hair removal with a diode (or alexandrite) machine. You would be better served seeking out a practitioner with a 1064nm (NdYag) machine. I hope this information helps - keep us posted. Ciao :wink:


Alrighty. I already paid for 3 treatments. And i haven’t really heard any stellar remarks about other lasers in terms of how long people are hair free, so i think i’m going to quit laser and go for straight up electrolysis. In fact, i haven’t heard that many good things about laser at all relative to how many hundreds of thousands of people have used them. sigh, i’ll see if the place i chose laser for will convert my credits into electrolysis, which is gonna be a real bitch for brazilian, but i’m tired of messing around.

Big thanks. : )