What is the right way to use a lightsheer diode?

Hi everyone, I’m new to this forum so I apologize in advance if this question has already been asked…
Some background about me:
So I’m of Indian decent, and I’m pretty fair for being Indian, I think it’s b/c I have some German ancestry somewhere in my genes as well…but I personally think that I’m a 3 or 4 ( might even be a 2, yes I’m that light) on the Fitzpatrick scale
I am currently going to laser hair removal right now, and my laser lady uses the Lightsheer diode laser


  1. How do you categorize someone in the Fitzpatrick scale? Do you take their heritage into account? If someone is Indian like I am, do you put them into a shade darker just b/c of that even if they are really light?

  2. Are you supposed to be constantly moving the laser gun while doing the treatment? My laser lady doesn’t shoot the laser in one area and then moves to the next area.
    Is this normal? She says that she’s making sure she doesn’t burn me but just watching youtube videos (which I know isn’t the most amazing source) I have never seen it done like that.

I have been going to her for about over a year and have had 8 or 9 treatments and most of my dark thick course hair is still there.
Not only that but if you look at my right leg, there’s a very obvious line that you can see where the laser looks like it has hit and there’s almost no hair on one side and then on the midline of my leg you can see all of this hair, and it looks the same as when I started about a year ago.

  1. Also this lady never uses the safety glasses for herself and half of the time forgets to give them to me, aren’t you supposed to use safety glasses?

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated
At this point I feel like this lady is just taking my money and I don’t know what to do.

I told her I think an area was missed and asked if she could consider increasing the laser setting, but she sent me a rude response back saying “she doesn’t miss” and that “she knows what she’s doing” and that “if she goes slower with the laser I’ll get burned, safety first” but I haven’t had any adverse effects of the laser, I get bumps right after she’s done the laser treatment and then 15 mins later, my skin goes back to normal

Is she just taking my money?
Please help!

For number 1 and 2 i’ll redirect you to this thread since it’s perfectly explained there.
Laser FAG by Andrea

  1. Yes you’re supposed to use safety glasses!
    But if she is so confident that “she doesn’t miss” and “she knows what she’s doing” then she will tell you the opposite.

If I were you I would look for someone else. Tell them your story and see what they have to say.

Yea that’s what I thought…
I feel so stupid for going back to her…

I read the FAQ and it was really helpful but the answer to number 2 wasn’t in there…or maybe I missed it?

But just to clarify…

You aren’t supposed to move the laser gun when you treat an area right?

But I am already looking for someone as we speak…I just hate that I have 3 or 4 more treatments with this lady…

Never sending her to anyone I know, that’s for sure


Any time :slight_smile:

Hi lotus,

in regards to your #2 questiion…I have a question in return. did you perhaps buy a package from this laser practitioner through Groupon?

I’ll tell you what I am getting at. No it is not normal to be “moving” the laser during treatment energy delivery. This is however a common trick used primarily through establishments that offer groupon deals, to extend the treatment by making what they do less effective . So some poor person gets a "deal " on laser and then wonders at the end of 5 treatments why they still have hair.they then sell the customer additional treatments. If she is doing this, then this is an absolute do not give them any more money situation. Increasing the distance between skin and laser , or moving it during treatment, reduces the effectiveness of the treatment.


Hi Iluv2zap,

The lady I go to is on Groupon, however I didn’t buy the package through Groupon.

But okay, that’s what I thought, thank you SOO much for confirming it with me.

It makes sense as to why this lady was disappointed with me getting somewhat decent results even with her low laser settings and moving the laser.

Now the dilemma I face is whether to confront the crazy woman or not…but seeing as how she is crazy, probably shouldn’t lol

You have no idea how much I appreciate this response (and others)!
<3 <3 <3

The chances of getting any money back from a laser place, is pretty minimal. Ask around locally for places others might recommend. I woulnt confront her, there’s probably very little to be gained by doing so.

I’d also like to mention that there ar an increased number of people experiencing Laser stimulated hair growth when too low of settings are used on indian type skin.


I actually have already found another place :), will be going very soon…I guess I’ll just use this lady as a really bad backup for “touch ups”?

She is a very rude person so I definitely will not be going that route, I personally do not like confrontation at all, it just makes me mad thinking that I wasted my money but more importantly my time…oh well, you live and you learn right?

And hmm that’s really interesting…I thankfully haven’t experienced that, or at least I don’t think I have…but I will keep that in mind!

Again, thank you so much for your help!
<3 <3 <3