What is the proper recovery after electrolysis?

Can someone please tell me if my recovery details are signs of proper or improper electrolysis?

I tried about 10 hairs on my hand to determine proper RF settings. I have a blend machine, but I was only using the RF settings to determine what I should use. I started at 4 (40 volts) and worked my way up to 7 (70 volts) before the hair slid out easily. When inserting the probe the skin around the follicle would turn white. Then after it would turn red. The next day “zit like” marks appeared covering the follicles. Now it’s a week later and the follicles are still very red, but now they are more like scabs. It almost looks like there is dried blood underneath the skin (although nothing was ever bleeding) making the appearance very red. My question is is this a normal recovery for proper electrolysis? I haven’t treated any more as I want to be sure I am doing it right. Should I still have scab marks after a week? Or is this a sign of overtreating/burning?

Can someone please help?


This could be a sign of the setting being too high, and/or improper insertion.

If the setting is too high, you are overcooking your skin. If the insertion is not good, you may be breaking the follicle wass, and distroying tissue outside of the target area.

You should be able to insert the probe with no power on the machine and feel nothing. This is why it is recommended that you do “Do It For Eachother Electrolysis” It is not possible for a person to make a proper insertion and hold it in place to make a good treatment.

My advise is that you find a hair removal buddy, and get on it.

Why isn’t it possible to do electroysis on yourself? Don’t most people use just one hand to insert the probe?

I tried the blend method for the first time today. I again tried it on my hand and the settings were .7 millapears(DC), 5.5v RF, and timer was set at 4-6 seconds. When the probe is inserted and the power applied a white ‘something’ increases over the epilation time and almost bubbles out of the follicle after which it settles to be almost like a slightly raised white bump, sort of like a mild bee sting that didn’t turn red. Is this normal? It’s only been minutes, so I can’t comment on any long term redness or scabbing. This only happens when I did the blend (DC & RF). Is it normal?


It is somewhat normal. The lye frothing out of the follicle is normal but the area remaining raised like you said probably means that you have overtreated. Try a shorter treatment time with the same settings if you can and see if that makes a difference.
Start on a much shorter time and then test the hair for release (it should ideally slide out without resistance) and if that doesn’t work then increase the time in small increments until you find the lowest amount of time to get the job done properly.

The reason James says you shouldn’t do self-electrolysis is because it’s really hard to get the proper insertion angle.
I know this from experience because I started out doing my own electrolysis but ultimately went to school for it so I could do it to clients.
Here are my experiences working on my own face and bikini line.
When I work on my left side, using my right hand that side always has more noticeable skin reaction than when I work on the right side. I am taking this to mean that my angle of insertion is off when I work on the left side.

Unfortunately due to finances and time constraints I will have to continue working on myself even though I also have an electrolygist working on areas that I can’t possible see to work on myself.

So I agree with James saying that you really shouldn’t work on yourself, but some of us can only fork out so much money to others.

I hope all this helps.


The area I treated with the blend method that was raised and white quickly returned to normal after a few hours. Now the next day, there are not red marks or any noticable effects, which I hope means I did it correctly. I’ll wait and see if the hair is gone permanantly, but it appears there was absolutely no damage to my skin. I also iced the area after treatment, so I dont know if that helped.

I do have a question about the releasing of the hair for proper epilation. I understand it’s supposed to release easily, but is it supposed to release with a skin casing attached to the root of the hair or should the hair slide out with absolutely nothing on it?


Hi…yes the clear casing is the root sheath, that is a good thing. It sounds like you are doing it properly so I wouldn’t change anything at this point.
Also, you won’t be able to tell if those same hairs return for at least three weeks because of the hair cycles.
It will be hard to tell also because a new crop of different hairs will start to come out in the same spot anyways…you really should buy a book on the subject…it would enlighten you tremendously.
I agree with the others that suggest Bono’s book, it’s easy to read and it has lots of diagrams too.


i heard that u should,nt wax b4 doing and during electrolysis treatments coz the treated will have to be retreated again coz after waxing root becomes new and strong again so would,nt shaving the hair better rather than waxing i would of thought killing an old root be easier than a new root with electrolysis

also they say on the instructions not to pinch the skin but what about taunting the skin tight would,nt that be the same effect as pinching

im doing my bikni line and i have to taunt the skin tight to see where the hairs coming from

Shortly after I removed some hairs, the follicle forms a fluid filled bump. First is this dump normal? And second should I drain them or leave them in tact?


Jade…they are correct, do not wax before or during electrolysis, it will only take those hairs out of circulation and also promote them to grow in thicker and stronger.
Shaving is the answer, it’s just like cutting your hair, doesn’t affect the rate of growth or the thickness of it coming in.

Also pinching the skin will compress the hair follicle and make it harder to insert the probe…stretching the skin elongates it which makes it easier to insert the probe…just imagine pinching a straw or laying it out flat and trying to shove a pencil in it.

Jim2…how large are these fluid-filled bumps? Does it look like blisters or hives?
Do not drain anything, it sounds like you are overtreating. If you’re using blend then it’s possible that you have lye escaping from the follicle and you can just use your tweezer to remove the excess that seeps out, but if this is a blister then readjust your settings.