What is the electrolysis process like?

I have been getting laser treatments done, but now Im thinking of switching to electrolysis.

Is it like laser in terms of: you go and get the entire area (male back) done, and then it is clear for a few weeks, and you then you do it again. Or would it leave me looking patchy, as only a small area is done at a time?

Electrolysis is completely different. Each hair is treated separately with an insertion of a tiny needle. If you go for newer machine using fastest thermolysis method of electrolysis, an average electrologist can remove 5-10 hairs per minute. It’s to your advantage to have longer sessions up front to clear the area. Then come in as soon as hair shows up to kill it while it’s weak. This requires consistent treatments, usually at least once every 2 weeks after your clearance. So you need to be able to commit to this for it to be effective. Cost is around $65-80 per hour.

I asked a couple questions on your laser question on the laser forum. I think we need to figure out where you stand with that first, i.e. whether you got the most out of your treatments. If you’re at a point where only fine hair remains, electrolysis is your only method to destroy those permanently since laser only works on coarse hair. However, you need to give it a good 3-5 months at least in order to be able to judge what laser actually removed for good.

Depend on the density of hairs to be removed, the duration of the session and the desire to work to have your electrologist.

electrologist some work much faster and can reach up to 25 hairs per minute. You invest more time in each session but will end long before the removal of their hairs.