What is the best wax for underarms.


I am thinking about doing my underarms on a regular basis, so whatever’s fairly simply, but that will get the job done. I am thinking about getting a Petite warmer and ‘no-tweeze’ wax, I’m thinking one of the strip free would be best for this type of job. Also, what is the best for skin, like is Poetic gentler than GIGI, is the cream gigi better than the regular honey. What will take the least amount of skin off. That’s one reason i like the idea of a strip free wax, it seems like it do a good job of taking strong hairs.

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The waxes with warmers seem to be the best bet, which is why they are the preferred method for pros.

I personally think the warmers that hold cartridges are the best, but the kind you warm in a microwave are fine if you get the consistency right. The warmers make the consistency a little more, well, consistent. :wink:

Put a little powder on before applying wax, and you should not lose much skin (just hair).


The warmer that hold cartridges? Can you give me any examples of this, i’m not sure i know which these are. Thanks. (for at home use)


You can see a few here:

Folica: Hair Removal Wax


One Touch® Deluxe Cordless Home Waxing System

One Touch® Personal Roll-on Waxer

Some of the others on that page have a 16-oz tub of wax that gets warmed and applied with a tongue-depresser sort of thingy.


Satin Smooth® Professional Mini Wax Warmer

The cartidges are what most pros use. Just a little easier, especially on yourself if you ask me.


Have you ever used the strip free kind, what was your experience? Do you think it’s true that this kind is gentler on the skin? Thanks.


I find the strip-free kinds don’t seem to grab the shorter hairs as well.


i’m planning on getting a professional wax job. how long do i need to grow my underarm hair in order to get most, if not all, of it out?


At least a quarter of an inch.